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  1. blackrain139

    SOLD: JH Audio Layla II A&K The Siren Series FMJ Universal IEM

    - Full set JH Layla II full metal jacket in mint condition - 2 sets of stock cables - 3.5mm and 2.5mm balanced - Comes with everything you get in a new purchase, box, papers, cables, case, ear tips, accessories etc - JH selling custom versions of Layla for US$2750 - Great savings for this...
  2. blackrain139

    Effect Audio Thor Copper OCC SPC Silver Plated 2 Pin Cable

    - Excellent condition, lightly used - Bought in mid of 2017 from Effect Audio - Comes with original box and receipt - Great value entry level cable upgrade - Retail price is USD$149. - Get a discount + free shipping here Photos and details on my eBay listing...
  3. blackrain139

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-3 Headphones - Mint Condition Full Set With Warranty LCD3 LCD3F

    - Full Set LCD3 Fazor - Mint condition with warranty (Bought in Nov 2016) - With hard case, papers, certificate, 2 original cables (se & balanced) - Pads are upgraded to original Audeze super comfy vegan pads - Get huge savings here with free shipping Photos and details on my eBay listing...
  4. blackrain139

    Lightning to Micro USB?

    I just got my hands on a Hugo2 and I'm going to use an iPhone -> Hugo2 for portable listening Is there a simple short cable for connecting both together? I find the CCK adapter bulky and I would prefer a simpler elegant solution The only cable I've seen is this...
  5. blackrain139

    SOLD:PlusSound Echo+ Series Silver Plated Copper Type 6 Headphone Litz Cable - HD800/HD800s connectors

    Photo and details at eBay listing: (added text: Head-Fi ID: blackrain139 at the listing for verification purposes) Over 4200+ 100% positive feedback on...
  6. blackrain139

    SOLD: Impact Audio Cables 4 Braid Type 6 Litz Copper - 3.5mm connectors Elears - XLR 4 Pin

    - One of my spare cables for the Focal Elears - Custom order - bought direct from Impact Audio few months back with digital receipt - 6 feet length - Pretty incredible value for the price. - A cost effective upgrade to stock cables - Selling it as I've upgraded to a 8 wire 18gauge Toxic Venom...
  7. blackrain139

    SOLD: Chord 2Qute Desktop DAC in Black

    For full photos, see my eBay listing: (I've entered my Head-Fi userid in the eBay listing - over 4200+ 100% positive feedback) I much prefer to sell it here so I dont incur eBay fees - Excellent condition Chord 2Qute - Complete set with sealed...
  8. blackrain139

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2.0 in mint condition

    Selling my Cavalli Audio Liquid Carbon 2 for $699 - The 2.0 version is an improved model of the original carbon - Collectors item as it is no longer in production - One of the best amps under $1000 - Serial number: 6XX - Transferable warranty from Cavalli Audio Reason for selling: I've...
  9. blackrain139

    HeadAmp GS-X MkII VS Wells Milo

    Looking for some recommendations. Looking for a powerful solid state amp that can drive dynamics and planars well. I can't decide between the GSX or the Wells Milo Does anyone heard both and has any advice of the pros and cons of each?
  10. blackrain139

    Best DAC Under $1000?

    Hi guys My current setup is: O2/ODAC - Feliks Elise Tube Amp - Audeze EL8 Open & Beyer T1 I plan to upgrade the O2/ODAC and I'm seeking opinions on the best DAC under $1000. I've a preference for a neutral DAC without too much coloration. Ideally, it should also include USB. I've demoed the...