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  1. bzxfire40

    WTB Fostex Th900

    Looking to buy Fostex th900 either mk1 or mk2. Offering up to $700 usd total. Shoot me a PM.
  2. bzxfire40

    [SOLD] FS: iBasso DX200 DAP

    Asking $600 (shipping and pp fees included)for my iBasso DX200 which is in excellent condition. Comes with AMP1, ibasso leather case, usb-c cable, factory installed screen protector and original packaging. Any questions? Shoot me a PM!
  3. bzxfire40

    SOLD Fostex TH900 mk2 with extras

    Regretfully selling my Fostex th900 mk2. Spring cleaning and time to consolidate gear. Looking for $1000 (shipping, fees and insurance included). Comes with: -Th900 mk2 -Original Fostex 1/4" cable -Fostex Balanced 4pin XLR cable -Neutrik Balanced 4pin XLR cable -Newfantasia 3.5mm cable -Sakura...
  4. bzxfire40

    (Sold) FS: theBit Opus #2 DAP

    Opus #2 is in excellent condition. Comes with original leather case ,factory installed screen protector, box and micro usb cable. Asking $650 (shipping and fees included). PM me for more info, thanks!
  5. bzxfire40

    SOLD- ibasso dx200 AMP4s + CA02

    Like new condition AMP4s + CA02. Asking $275 (shipping & fees included)
  6. bzxfire40

    SOLD FS: Onkyo DP-X1A

    Asking $425 (shipped+paypal fees covered) for my Onkyo DP-X1A. Just bought a DX200 recently, so I will no longer be using my DP-X1A.Body is 8.5/10 overall condition. Has minor wear around a few edges. Screen has minor micro scratches that can only be seen at certain angles. Jacks show no signs...
  7. bzxfire40

    Best sounding V-shaped headphones ?

    Looking to buy another pair of phones to replace my audio technica ath-m50. What are the best sounding v-shaped headphones in your opinion (any price range)?
  8. bzxfire40

    Need headphone upgrade recommendation from Audio Technica ATH-M50

    Hey head-fi peeps,   So I ordered a few different cans ( Shure srh1540, Hifiman HE400i, Bose QC35) for christmas thinking it would be a big upgrade from my Audio Technica ATH-M50's that I've had for a couple years now. After listening to all three pairs, I still enjoy the ATH-M50's the best...