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  1. Ninosan

    Audio Technica ATH-SR9 - very good condition

    For sale Audio-Technica ATH-SR9 in excellent condition. Buy in May 2019, use very little. No defects, they will be shipped in the original box with all the standard accessories. I only ship to the EU at my expense. Paypal at your expense. Price 250,00 €. I am available to evaluate an exchange...
  2. Ninosan

    Sony XBA-N3 bought in March 2020 - discount

    I sell Sony XBA-N3 bought new in March. Used very little, complete with all original accessories. Perfect conditions. Beautiful bass and sub-bass, I sell them because I have a lot of IEMs and I have to clean up. The price does not include € 8.5 shipping costs and paypal commissions. I only ship...
  3. Ninosan

    balanced cable for Focal Elear, Clear, Stellia, elegia, Klipsch heritage HP3

    I am looking for a balanced cable for the Klipsch Heritage HP-3 headphones. Should be the same for focal . 4-pin XLR amplifier side. Headphone side 2 X 3,5mm mono. only if shipped from the EU.
  4. Ninosan

    I search Sony MDR-Z1R - Only UE - CLOSED

    as the title suggests, I look for the Sony MDR-Z1R, only if in perfect condition.
  5. Ninosan

    I search Sony MDR-Z1R

    as the title suggests, I look for the Sony MDR-Z1R, only if in perfect condition. Eventually I can exchange with Audeze LCD-i4 purchased in March 2020 defining the price difference. Only from UE.
  6. Ninosan

    Audeze LCD-i4 - 1 month old - sold it

    Aggiornamento dell'offerta perché ora è anche completo di cavi Bluetooth e Lightning, nuovi e originali come mostrato nella foto. Quindi, LCD-i4 acquistato il 13.03.2020, completo di tutto e con garanzia ufficiale. Prezzo normale di vendita 0, li do a 0 € con un risparmio di 0 €. Pagherò la...
  7. Ninosan


    In a desktop station composed of DAC + AMP (or DAC / AMP), where the USB input is provided ..... assuming that you want to use a tablet (android) as a HI-RES file player, what connection possibilities do we have ? I read somewhere that to send files without loss of quality to the DAC via USB...
  8. Ninosan

    AKG Y500

    una combinazione perfetta! AKG Y500: per viaggiare, con bluetooth e audio di ottima qualità. Praticamente nuovo, mai usato. Ho aperto il pacchetto solo per verificare che tutto fosse lì. € 80,00 Accetto paypal, commissione a te addebitata. Spedizione nell'UE a mie spese
  9. Ninosan

    For sale Audio Tecnica ATH-SR9 use 3 hours

    moved to another ad. Thank you
  10. Ninosan

    IMR R2 ATEN - mint condition "SOLD"

    come da oggetto vendo IMR R2 ATEN. Di proprietà per circa 3 mesi, usato per circa 100 ore. Perfetto, con tutti gli accessori e filtri originali, borsa originale, documenti originali. Vendo perché ho troppi IEM e, infine, ho acquistato l'IMR RAH. Spedisco con posta slovena preferibilmente...