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  1. Pinkomeno

    DT 1990 Pro: 2KHz Peak!?

    I hope I'm posting in the right place... anyhow: Some of you may know that I've got set on a ZMF Aeolus a while ago, but I still need to create songs and that's where I will always use my DT 1990 Pro. Now, yesterday I did a tone sweep and I found a VERY big peak at 2.2 KHz (2KHz with the B...
  2. Pinkomeno

    I'm lost, any help? (Headphone Recommendation)

    So, I was listening through my DT 1990 plugged into an Aune X1S until I noticed a few things: -These headphones are for mixing and mastering, NOT to listen to music (IMHO). -I have tinnitus problems and the highs on these beasts are just... Shrimmingly bright. -Bass is just a tad laid back. So I...