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  1. kejar31

    SOLD: Chord Mojo

    For Sale, my chord mojo in good condition (minor scratches etc) I do not have the original box nor cables this will be the mojo only.. Paypal verifed CONUS only please. shipping is included in the purchase.
  2. kejar31

    FS: Bose QuietComfort 35 II

    Looking to sell these for a friend who won them as a door prize. In Mint condition barely used CONUS paypal verified only.
  3. kejar31

    Sold - Massdrop HE-4XX

    had these for a bit but they are collecting dust and I feel its time to get rid of them. Come with original box, ZMF ori pads and a custom grill.. There are in near mint condition other than the mods.. Oh and these are the original ones with the 2.4mm adapters in the cups. Not sure if I know...
  4. kejar31

    Sold: DragonFly Red

    selling my dragonfly red.. near perfect condition other than a little of the paint rubbed off the raised AQ... Will also include an Anker USB-A to USB-C adapter. 135 shipped CONUS and paypal verified only.
  5. kejar31

    FS: Sony X1000M2

    Picked the X100M2's up for some travel I did this summer. Now I am looking to upgrade some toys from another hobby so these must go.. These are in near mint condition and have probably been used for 100 or so hours, if that much.. Includes original caring case and cable. CONUS and verified...
  6. kejar31

    SOLD: Schiit Modi Multibit (mimby) + Magni 3

    Up for sale.. My Mimby/Magni3 stack with PYST RCA cabled I don't have the original boxes any longer as I moved recently and am unsure what I did with them (will double check though) Looking to sell as I just dont use this stack anymore Mostly just use the red dragonfly.. CONUS and verified PP...
  7. kejar31

    SOLD: Schiit Modi Multibit (mimby) + Magni 3

    Up for sale.. My Mimby/Magni3 stack with PYST RCA cabled I don't have the original boxes any longer as I moved recently and am unsure what I did with them (will double check though) Looking to sell as I just dont use this stack anymore Mostly just use the red dragonfly.. CONUS and verified...
  8. kejar31

    WTB Audio-GD NFB-11

    if you have one you would like off your hands please reach out to me with the details
  9. kejar31

    Ether Flow (mint condition)

    Lately I have found that I don't spend the time using headphones that I used to... So sadly I am ready to part with my babies... These come with a black Norne 4 foot Audio Vanquish cable terminated with 3.5 mm jack... I purchased these before they were available with a box so you will not be...
  10. kejar31

    WTB Audio-GB NFB-11/NFB-15

    PM me with an offer if you have one available
  11. kejar31

    iBasso D14 Bushmaster

    Up for sale... iBasso Bushmaster in very good condition.. only imperfection I can see is on the top of the unit and can be seen in the pictures.. This is a very nice sounding and decently powerful little unit. It will come with a Micro to Mini USB cable (to be used with your phone) and a Mini...
  12. kejar31

    Logitech UE900S

    Purchased these on Nov 1st of 2016.. Have used them maybe 10 hours... Selling them because I just don't think IEM's are going to work for me...   These are in mint condition and include the original cables, tips and box.  They are definitely the 900S variant as can be seen in the included...
  13. kejar31

    Norne Vanquish (MrSpeakers) 1/4 adapter

    I no longer need a 1/4th inch single ended cable so I am putting this one up for sale..    It is in like new condition, purchased in Aug of this year (just got it back on 12/1/16 from Trevor who replaced the y splitter / triangle)    Headphone type = Alpha Dog / Ether Termination = Eidolic...
  14. kejar31

    XXL Sturdy Hard Shell Headphone Carrying Case

    Selling this hardshell headphone case as I do not need it any longer.. Originally purchased from Amazon.... Purchased it to carry my LCD-X's in but have since sold them. Fits most large headphones including the LCD series.  Price included shipping (USPS Ground) and paypal fees.. CONUS only please.
  15. kejar31

    Plus Sound custom cable for LCD series headphones

    24AWG Copper Type 6 Litz, Exo Series Custom Cable from plus sound audio   Selling my LCD's and no longer need this cable.    This cable new sales for around $175 and it is only about 3 months old... Price is firm.. TBH if I don't sell...
  16. kejar31

    FS Audeze LCD-X (2016 revision)

      Up for sale, my LCD-X's which are in mint condition (1st owner, non smoking home).. These were manufactured on 4/12/16 and come with the original pelican case both original cables  (XLR and 1/4) and the 3.5 mm adapter. Also included is a custom PlusSound OCC LITZ cable and Lohb Strap.   ...
  17. kejar31

    Oppo HA2

    Oppo HA-2 in mint condition (only a few months old) includes original charger iphone and android cable..  CONUS + verified paypal only Includes shipping and paypal fees
  18. kejar31

    Oppo PM3's Black

    Selling these Oppo PM3's as I have moved onto some LCD-X's... These are only about 2 months old and in near mint condition (some small marks on chamfered edges are noticeable in the right lighting).. Comes with the original denim case, cable along with the Android cable.. Also included is a...
  19. kejar31

    Peoria IL Summer Meet 2016 (June 18th 2016).

    Decware has agreed to host the event in Peoria.. They are asking for a headcount though. So if you can let us know if you are coming (even if you are not bringing equipment), that would be very helpful   Should be an awesome event as Steve usually has some nice equipment to check out...
  20. kejar31

    FS: AKG 553 PRO

    for sale... AKG K553 PRO's in very good condition but not perfect.. As seen in the photo's below on side has a scratch on the center cap (very hard to notice without using a flash on a cam) and a few blemishes on the paint. Included in the purchase is a Black Ballistic Nylon case for the...
  21. kejar31

    FS: Modded Denon D5000's $325

    I am selling my Denon D5000's that were fully modded by me. I don't want to sell them but really need the money for more important things in my life right now. I am asking $325 + Shipping - Paypal + CONUS only please. Oh and as far as the padding mod goes..... here is my thought and what I...
  22. kejar31


    Brendan bought a pair of HD580's from me. He communicated well and made payment when he promised. I would gladly recommend doing business with him.
  23. kejar31

    Does the MarkL mod really make that much of a difference?? (Update: yes it does)

    Ok, yesterday my D5000's arrived. While not burned in I am still pretty unhappy with the sound. The mids are really recessed and the bass is waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy overblown. I have the dynamat coming tomorrow and am prepared to the mod them but am just not convinced that this is going to fix...
  24. kejar31

    What Headphone should I get for around ~$600??

    I have around $600 to spend although $400 is held up right now in store credit (oh well I hope to get that resolved soon enough) . I no longer have an amp or a dac but plan on picking up a new one in another month or two. What headphone I choose will determine what amp I get. I don't care if...
  25. kejar31

    Wired 360 controller for Windows (USB) - $20 + shipping

    This controller is the best controller you can get for your PC. It normally sells for 40. Look here for details Xbox 360 Controller for Windows FYI: it will also work on your 360