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  1. LouisArmstrong

    Ghost of Tsushima is a must-buy

    Probably the best looking game I have seen. Make no mistake - I have a PC with 2080Ti and have seen what AAA games look at 4K HDR with all options maxed out these days. And Ghost of Tsushima is just a PS4 game (obviously you will have to play on a 4K TV and PS4 Pro to get the most out of it)...
  2. LouisArmstrong

    Current high end IEM that sounds closest to Westone ES5?

    I lost one side of my ES5 a few years back, and since then I have bought numerous other TOTL customs and universals, including the K10, Layla, Legend X and Tia Fourte, but none of them seems to be able to give me the smooth and lush mids and good bass - the almost LCD-2 like sound signature, if...
  3. LouisArmstrong

    Layla Aion vs Tia Fourte Noir

    I have both Layla (first gen) and Tia Fourte, which will be the better upgrade - Aion or Noir?
  4. LouisArmstrong

    SP1000 vs SP2000 - expectations?

    Obviously we still near the reviews for SP2000 to come in, but what would you think the improvements may be? Even better separation / analytical power or a more balanced / warm approach like AK380? Or do you think it is all gimmicks and the difference would be so minute that it is a matter of...
  5. LouisArmstrong

    Best IEM for gaming?

    I know IEMs aren't ideal for gaming - a full surround sound system or headphones are always preferred. In fact I have an Atmos 7.1.4 system installed and for games that support it, the effect is simply amazing. But I also game at late night and 7.1.4 isn't really viable, and I do a lot of...
  6. LouisArmstrong

    iPad Pro 10.5" sound quality is pretty amazing

    Best in a tablet I have heard, and probably just second to the Onkyo smartphone if we count cell phones as well. I come from iPhone 7+, G6, V20 and now Galaxy S8+. I would say that the SQ of the new iPad Pro is better than all of them. No it can't compare with my AK380Cu and probably is not at...
  7. LouisArmstrong

    Sennheiser New Orpheus vs Hifiman Shangri La

    To those who are lucky enough to have heard them both - which is the overall better headphone and in what sense? Thanks heaps.
  8. LouisArmstrong

    JH Audio Layla Impressions Thread

    Hello all. I am new to Head-fi and I wanted to celebrate something by registering on Head-fi, which I read from time to time but never posted on. Today I got myself a pair of JH Audio Layla. It came sooner than expected as the main lot was expected to arrive at the end of the month but it...