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    What kind of Headphone is Stevie Nicks wearing?

    what is in this video, some kind of AKG?
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    SkullCandy Hesh-2 Bluetooth Headphones Mod thread

    Starting a thread to document  some info/mod on the SkullCandy Hesh-2 Bluetooth phones. Lets see if the sound quality can be improved.   My reasons for choosing the is the over-the-ear type, with pleather pads, should provide good noise isolation, and more importantly, to me at...
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    Please advise.... good sounding earbuds/IEM under $20

    I am in the market for some inexpensive IEM or earbuds to keep around at work. -- Budge is $20. -- Either with or without a mic is ok. -- I don't plan to wear them a lot so the build quality is not terribly important (as long as the sound is good)   I did a on-line search and it brought up...
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    Any reviews on the King Sound portable stuff?

    MoonAudio is selling a King Sound portable amp with stax type socket, has anybody tried it?   Pretty expensive and not very small (could not find the size spec but judging from the picture probably 3"x5.25" x1"?) .
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    small transportable Stax amplifier Modification thread

    Starting a thread about modifications on smaller Stax amps (SRM-X, X pro, Xh, 212, 252, etc).   *** warning: these amps have high voltage supplies inside. Before doing any work on the circuit board, always unplug the power and confirm HV rail voltage is at 0 (usually drops to 0 within a...
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    MB Quart QP45X headphone, with spare pad and chassis

          For sale is a pair of MB Quart QP45x headphone, excellent condition. Also included is a spare set of chassis and pads.   The phones are used very lightly, about 2 hours of actual use. they did go through about 100 hr of burn-in so they are ready to play.   The spare...
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    Help.....Need recovery discs for HP G71 laptop

    Probably not the best forum to ask this question but I guess it is probably close enough...     My old HPG71-340US keeps on crashing. I tried doing the ESC --> F11 to get it into recovery mode but got a blue screen saying "bad image". Tried to order recovery discs from HP but looks like...
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    Musiland Monitor 02 modification

    Recently jumped onto the USB audio bandwagon by buying a used Monitor 02. Natually nothing is good enough stock and some mod has to be done (whether necessary or not ), especially when I saw the huge "empty/waste" space inside that nice aluminum enclosure waiting to be "stuffed". I know this is...
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    WTB: Stax SR-Omega in excellent shape

    Looking for original Stax Omega (not the 007), must be in excellent shape, with original Omega drivers.   Please PM me if you have a pair for sale. I would like to buy from a US seller with good feedbacks.  
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    FS: Etymotic ER4P with P/S adaptor

    for sale is a pair of excellent condition ER4P, bought them used a few month ago, selling due to the recent upgrade ( to Earsonic SM3).   -- P to S adaptor (1/4") and 1/8"-to-1/4" adaptor. -- two pairs of tri-flange, used but still soft. -- one pair of gray small foam, one pair of gray...
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    which one is more comfortable, earsonic SM3 or the westone UM3x?

     which one is better for long (4~10hr) wear?    
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    μPA... a super simple, all-tube, good sounding, very Stax-ious and very evil headphone amp for high-sensitive IEM's.

          -- 5/13/2011: revised the schematic (added transformer wire colors) and IEM sensitivity requirement (117dB/mW, impedance preferably >18 ohm).   ** list of suitable IEM's for this amp:   *1964-D (22 ohm, 120db/mW) *1964-Q (46 ohm, 118db/mW)   *Earsonic SM2 (16 ohm...
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    recommandation please: Westone4 vs. Earsonic SM3 vs. Westone UM3x

    If you have these phones, can you please give some comparasion insight? Like transparency, speed, bass texture & quantity, etc....   Interested because they all have very high sensitivity (115db and up), might be fun to play with.  
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    Recommendation needed, non-custom, sound-isolating IEM that is at least as good sounding as the ER4

    must be: 1) non-custome 2) single driver (sorry, not a fan of tantalum capacitor cross-overs) 3) good sound isolation (otherwise I'd just use my Stax 001/003) 4) at least as good sounding as the ER4. 5) within $350 budget (new or slightly used).   Thanks for any ideas...
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    want to give away: a pair of 200VA toroids

    I have a pair of old (10 years old) 200VA power toroids I want to get rid of. each has two 110V primary windings, and 12V+12V (1A) and 42v+42V (2A) secondary.   Quality doesn't appear to be as good as the Antek's, but these work and are hum-free. They were taken out of a working amp that was...
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    PEC audio pots, where to get them?

    I am curious about the PEC pots, are they still available? I have done some search but the only audio taper model available right now seems to be the 5K single. Where can I find the 10k and 50K models?   Thanks for any info :D 
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    Tuitorial: How to make a "wood case friendly" stax socket with silver plated Neutrik contacts.

    The most common 5/6 pin socket for Stax phones are the black WPI and Amphenol jacks. They work, but the tin-plated contact material is less than "audiophile-grade" and it is very difficult to mount such jack into a thick wall wood case.   Below are the steps to put together a jack that can...
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    questions about Beta24 and Beta22 as speaker amp

    some simple questions, hope you guys don't mind answering (the beta22 thread is too big by now).   * For speaker use, if all I ever need is 35W into 8 ohm, will there be much advantage to build a Beta24 vs. a 4-board Beta22? * Which (gain) version of Beta22 kits are needed for speaker...
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    Where can I find Senn HE60 (or 90?!) drivers?

    Since the O2 drivers are not there a source for Senn electrostatic drivers?   Thanks....          
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    where can I find teflon Stax sockets?

    either 5 or 6 pin will work.... Thanks
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    Is there any good surround sound headphones?

    Is there any "good" ones? I have tried a turtle beach HPA and was not impressed.
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    why do transports sound different?

    with the recently purchased Zhaolu Dac, I finally got to compare my Sony changers (CA70es and C601es) as transports. Much to my surprise, they sound quite different. But why? at the optic output the signals are supposed to be the same, digital is digital, zero is zero and one is one, no...
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    Alps blue Velvet pots.... Connecting two stereo pots into a single quad?

    Is it easily doable? I have a pair of 50K stereo pots and wonder if I can make them into a single quad for home theater use.....
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    Differences: Zhaolu D2 vs D2.5 ?

    I have a stock D2C coming (might mod it soon), and wonder: what is the main difference between the D2 and D2.5? The 2.5 appears to be RCA only while the D2 has XLR balanced outputs, are the dac chips or the output stage inside very different? Thanks for any info (I know I should just keep...