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  1. Ripley

    [SOLD] Chord Mojo

    This little dac/amp has been an absolute delight, so much so that I'm somewhat reluctant to let it go. I used it as a transportable for several years and everything has always sounded lovely. I now have a dedicated desktop setup, however, and for on-the-go music I'd prefer to switch to a DAP...
  2. Ripley

    [SOLD] Creative Super X-Fi (SXFI) amp

    I don't get a chance to use this little dac/amp anymore, so it's time for it to find a new home. I don't have the box, but the device itself is in great shape. I can also include the short USB-C to USB-C cable that was included in the box.
  3. Ripley

    [SOLD] Creative Aurvana Special Edition

    These are in like-new condition. They came bundled with my Creative Super X-Fi amp but I have no need for them, so except for a short test to make sure they worked, they've just been sitting around waiting for a new home.
  4. Ripley

    [Sold] MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open

    I've decided to clear out my surplus of planar magnetic headphones, so my beloved MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Open headphones are looking for a new home. They have served me hours of beautiful music and are supremely comfortable, but lately I find myself consistently reaching for the quirky-but-fun...
  5. Ripley

    Redacted: Thieaudio Phantom

    I decided to try out these Phantoms based on BGGA's review: I removed the inner foam covering the drivers, as recommended by several other owners, but the foam can easily be re-glued on if desired. I also replaced the stock pads with Brainwavz XL perforated memory foam pads, which made a...
  6. Ripley

    Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 with Dragontail

    I recently picked up a Chord Mojo and no longer have any real use for this little Dragonfly. It's well worn but still works perfectly. The connect comes out at a slight angle (shown below), but it has been that way since I bought it (new). Strange but true. I'm also including the USB extender...
  7. Ripley

    [SOLD] Vorzuge Pure II+

    I purchased this incredible portable amplifier new back in May of 2015. It has served me well since then, for most of that time fed by a little Audioquest Dragonfly v1.2 and powering various full-size AKG headphones (K701, K340, K7xx). I recently switched to a pair of Audeze iSine 10s and picked...
  8. Ripley


    I traded fellow Head-Fi member monsterzero a pair of vintage AKG K340s for these K7XXs back in August. My listening habits have changed over the last few months, however, and this lovely pair of headphones has been sitting silent ever since. I figure it's time they found a new owner. They are in...
  9. Ripley

    Future Sonics Ears em3

    I just discovered a pair of Future Sonics that have been languishing in my closet ever since I received my JH|13s three years ago. I couldn't even remember their model names, but a quick Google Image Search seems to suggest these are the Ears em3s. (Feel free to correct me if you know otherwise...
  10. Ripley

    TTVJ Slim Amp w/ DAC

    I bought this amp new from TTVJ in October of 2010.  It's a terrific little amp, but I noticed I haven't been using it much for the last six months, so I guess it's time it found a new home. It's still in great shape and works perfectly. I would prefer payment via PayPal and shipping to the...
  11. Ripley

    Zagg Smartbuds (with mic)

    These are still new and in-box.  I received them unexpectedly with a Zaggmate keyboard case I ordered, and never opened them (since I had no need).
  12. Ripley

    Sennheiser CX680 Sport

    Along with several headphones I just posted for sale, I bought these for a friend as possible replacements for her running headphones.  She tried them out briefly, but decided she wanted something with more bass.  As such, they're virtually new.  I'm looking for around $old shipped to the...
  13. Ripley

    MEElectronics M6

    I bought these for a friend, as possible replacements for her running headphones.  She tried them out for about an hour, but decided she wanted something with more bass (she's a bass head, to be sure).  They're basically new.  I'm looking for around $old shipped to the continental US. (I'm...
  14. Ripley

    Koss PortaPro

    I have a pair of NIB Koss PortaPros that are just sitting around my place, desperate for someone to use them.  I bought them for a friend as a possible replacement for her running headphones, but she ruled them an immediate no-go since she wears glasses. Alas.  They can be yours for next to...
  15. Ripley

    Corda 2Move

    I haven't used my trust ol' Corda 2Move since getting my TTVJ Slim, so I guess it's time it found a new home.  It's a bit worn, and the volume pot is a bit noisy, but otherwise it works fine.  I'll let it go for a song, say $old shipped in the continental US.  (I'm willing to ship anywhere, but...
  16. Ripley

    Sold: AKG K240 Sextett (LP)

    I'm consolidating my home and office rigs, and as I slightly prefer my K340s to the Sextetts, I've decided to let these go. I purchased the 'phones from azncookiecutter back in January, and have used them lightly since then. They are in good condition and completely functionally intact, and I...
  17. Ripley

    Sold: x-head amplifier

    Since I rarely get the chance to listen to music while in my office, I've decided to consolidate my home and office rigs. As such, I'm selling several components, including this x-head amplifier. This is actually Revision B of the amplifier, a replacement for my original x-head (which suffered...
  18. Ripley

    SOLD: iPod Shuffle G2 (1 GB)

    I haven't really used my second-gen iPod Shuffle (1 GB) since I got my Zune 80, so I've decided to let it go. As you can see from the pics below, the unit is a bit worn from use, but is still completely intact functionally. I'm looking for $old shipped in the continental US, with PayPal...
  19. Ripley

    FS: EMU 0404

    I need to move from my desktop down to a laptop, so I'm selling off my EMU 0404. I bought the card new less than a year ago. I still have the original box, and both the analogue and digital breakout cables, but I no longer have (or at least can't seem to find) the original cds (with the software...
  20. Ripley

    FS: D-211

    I'm selling my like-new Sony D-211, which I picked up NOS about six months ago. Amazingly, some guy found a whole pile of these players in a warehouse still in their original boxes. The only parts missing were the original headsets and the in-line remote. The unit looks and performs perfectly...
  21. Ripley

    FS: D-33 (malfunctioning)

    I have a D-33 that I bought used several months ago, and which has now started acting up on me. More precisely, I've noticed a rough "chopping" sound in the music (through both headphone- and line-out). Since I have no technical skills (even as simple as messing with the pot's), I've decided to...
  22. Ripley


    I just purchased some vintage PCDPs from insideout. They arrived quickly and in great condition. A very smooth transaction!