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    FOR TRADE: ULTRASONE HFI 580 - Excellent Condition

    Re-opened for trade offers.
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    Beyerdynamic DT1770 Pro - $299

    For sale is a beautiful pair of DT1770 headphones in great condition. Includes both pairs of Earpads (velour + pleather), both included cables (straight and coiled) and carrying case, as well as choice of outer box or not. The outer box is your choice. Buyer to pay $15 extra for shipping...
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    Most fun headphones you've ever heard...

    Yes, I had a pair of Argons beginning of 2018. It's hard to recall my thoughts on them. I think I enjoyed them but maybe a little too dark.
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    Your Favorite V Shape cans?

    For my fellow lovers of the dirty V (the frequency response, you dirty mind...) what's your favorite V shaped can? I listen to a lot of EDM, so having exciting sparkly treble and tight punchy bass is very important to me. 1) I'll volunteer Ultrasone first - in general, I've always found them...
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    Most fun headphones you've ever heard...

    I've spent a lot of my time (years) looking for fun cans for all the EDM I enjoy listening to. Agree with you @Kukuk, the DT1770 are very fun sounding, with their V shape signature, taut bass and excellent dynamics. I find most Ultrasone headphones to be very fun for the same reasons, my...
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    Please no international, only within USA.
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    FOR TRADE: ULTRASONE HFI 580 - Excellent Condition

    Open for trade offers is a pair of ULTRASONE HFI 580's, in excellent condition. Pads look great, cups look good too! Fun closed back Ultrasones! This pair has a long cord! I actually braided the cord to make it shorter but you can easily unbraid if desired. I am open to trade offers within...
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    Best headphones for electronic music

    Definitely give the Ultrasone 900 a try. It's got an amazing low end for EDM. Ultrasone bass is my favorite for EDM, they really nail it in punch. They also have the necessary treble sparkle to make the genre exciting to listen to. The Ultrasone drivers are also fast in recovery to my ears...
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    Upgrade headphone from Sennheiser HD600.

    I'm with a lot of the guys here saying it's very hard to overall upgrade from the HD600 or HD6XX... I own them both. What I've found is that they represent basically ideal "all rounders", they offer a great package of sound quality and comfort at a price most (even newcomers) can swing. The...
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    Does dynamic drivers bass punch directly proportional to theirs speed ?

    Nishan - Curious if you personally have listened to many headphones yourself and your favorite bass on a headphone that you've heard?
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    Does dynamic drivers bass punch directly proportional to theirs speed ?

    The funny thing which makes me question the whole driver size and bass aspect, is that some IEM's can have very good solid bass impact with literally tiny drivers. I've always loved the low end of my Yamaha EPH-100 IEM, and these have 6MM micro-drivers... absolutely tiny. Of course these are...
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    Increasing Headphone Inventory - Purchase advice

    I'll echo everyone on HE-500. IMO, best bang for buck headphone. I always say, it just sounds like a great pair of speakers, fast - detailed, just all around exceptional. You can see on my profile, I have owned a lot of headphones, and maybe I am just crazy but the HE-500 to me is among the very...
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    HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening.

    With you on everything. The HE-500 is just dialed in perfect. The treble is wonderful, mids rich and beautiful, bass is articulate, tight and impactful. Whatever you look for, the HE-500 has it and is versatile across genres. You get great dynamics, excellent resolution, nice soundstage and...
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    Newbies Who Cannot Tell Headphone SQ Differences

    She likes it but you may have a point there, she doesn't really ever listen to music much given spare time. She just basically plays radio, top 40 stuff in her car. She's not a very particular/detail oriented person and never really buys much stuff either. She may just not really be that into...
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    Newbies Who Cannot Tell Headphone SQ Differences

    Just wondering if anyone relates to this... I have some really nice headphones, and have been in the hobby 3 years. I let my sister listen to a pair of Verum One Planars, which sound amazing, and she said she couldn't tell a difference vs. some other cheapie headphones I had laying around. I'm...
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    Open sound, big bass, bullet style IEM that is easy to drive.

    I hope you do, they really are something special.
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    Anyone looking to sell?
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    Sold!!klipsch hp3 oak wood

    Beautiful headphones
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    Most underrated and overrated headphone? For a bit of fun :)

    Over-rated - Elear - yuck. I just don't like this headphone. Cascade - Fit was weird and I was disappointed. Too much bass. AFO - Meh. Overpriced.