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  1. vkalia

    Corda Quickstep portable amplifier for sale

    As part of my ongoing "getting rid of stuff I dont use" drive, I am selling my Corda (Meier) Quickstep headphone amp. It is a compact amp which runs off 9V batteries - this reduces the amount of current regulation required and produces a cleaner, blacker sound, in a small/compact case. This is...
  2. vkalia

    $500-1000 IEMs - a day of listening and shopping

    I had posted a question earlier asking about warm, musical headphones for people who care about timbral accuracy, and didnt get too many suggestions. So in the event there are others looking for something similar, here is my comparision of a few of IEMs. Some background about my...
  3. vkalia

    Macbook alternative to iTunes - playback and mobile sync only

    Hi all -   I am looking for a lean alternative to that POS bloatware that is iTunes, which is really started to get on my nerves.   The only requirements I have are: - Ability to play my music through the USD digital out or headphone out on my Macbook - Ability to upload music to my iPhone...
  4. vkalia

    No response from Alo Audio - is that normal?

    My Conti V3 stopped working in Apr or so. I sent Alo a TT through their website, no reply. Took a couple of mails, a message on their FB page and 2-3 weeks of waiting before i got details on what to do. I sent them the unit back for repairs and now its been about 3 months and no answer from...
  5. vkalia

    Casual-listening IEMs

    I've been away from Head-Fi for a while, so not up to speed on what the latest Great Stuff is.   Asking here as opposed to the Intro forum as i think i can get advice that is better suited for me (not new to head audio - I have a pair of SE846s which are my main IEMs when i am on planes, etc.  ...
  6. vkalia

    iPod mods

    Hi all -   My iPod Classic's HD has died.  Yet again.   Since it is attached to a CLAS -R and a Alo Conti V3 rig, I really would like to get it fixed, but want a SSD.   I have neither the skills nor the time to try to figure out and do it myself - so i wanted to ask you guys if anyone had a...
  7. vkalia

    Audio Technica AT-W1000X Grandioso

    I am selling my Audio Technica AT-W1000X Grandiosos.      Lovely, rich sound - an absolute gem of a headphone and an absolute beauty to look at as well:  not really anything to say that hasnt been said before.     This one i hate to sell, but I find the NAD HP50 is easier to travel with, and...
  8. vkalia

    AKG Q701 - Austrian made, extra cable

    I am selling a pair of AKG Q701s in white.   They come with the stock cable as well as the extra, "normal length" cable with a mini connector as pictured.   Bought them as a complement to my LCD2s, but didnt like them (prefer the HD800s as the alternative).   So these are up for sale - no...
  9. vkalia

    FS: GoVibe Vulcan amp

    I am selling a GoVibe Vulcan amp.       It runs on 2 9V batteries and puts out a very clean, powerful, customizable sound - you can customize the gain, the output impedance, bass and treble via controls, and also add in some crossfade.   So a very versatile amp.      Having 2 9V batteries...
  10. vkalia

    Transferring hi-res files to iPod Classic via iTunes

    Hi guys - does anyone know if there is a way to have iTunes automatically downsample hi-res music to 16/48 before uploading to an iPod Classic when syncing?     TIA.
  11. vkalia

    High-end dynamic driver IEMs

    I have a pair of Shure SE846s, SE535s and Heir 5.0s.     I am looking for a pair of high-end dynamic driver IEMs, with a focus on lush, creamy mids and smooth highs.     Ideally, I'd like to keep it in the $500 range but am ok going above/below.   Anyone have any recommendations?   TIA.
  12. vkalia

    Schiit Bifrost Uber or Gungnir - 230V edition

    Subject sez it all.   Would prefer the Bifrost with a USB card but not a biggie if that is not available - will get one separately from them.
  13. vkalia

    3 portables compared: DT1350, Audio Technica ESW9 and V-Moda M80

    Everyone should have a pair of portable, on-ear headphones, IMO - for times when you dont want the isolation of IEMs, but cannot carry full-sized headphones.   I initially bought a pair of V-Moda M80s after the great reviews it gets on Head-fi and its inclusion in the Head-fi Summer Shopping...
  14. vkalia

    DAP with USB digital out?

    Is there such a beastie, other than an Android phone? Min 64GB memory required. Thanks!
  15. vkalia

    Portable amp that makes the TH600s sound good

    Is there such a beast?   They are unlistenable with a CLAS -R/Conti V3 setup, with the highs being painfully shrill.   They get a lot of love, and I am trying to find a setup that lets me figure out their potential.   TIA.
  16. vkalia

    Noble K10 vs JH Roxannes

    Now that the Roxannes are out, does anyone have any A/B comparisons?   I did audition both of them briefly last week but at different shops, and so find my impressions a little unreliable when it comes to the comparison.      Any comparisons on how they rank in terms of lush midrange and...
  17. vkalia

    Amarra / Audirvana to feed a DAC, instead of iTunes

    I am running a USB out to my DAC, an Audio-GD NFB2-32, which has asynchronous support and can handle all the resolutions of the files in my iTunes library.   Given this, is there going to be any value to using a third-party player like Audirvana to feed the DAC, instead of iTunes?   TIA
  18. vkalia

    Playing high-res music on a Mac

    Hi guys - I need some advise in nailing down the source/playback aspect of my music. The bulk of my music is 16/44.1 CD rips and that plays fine with what I have. However, I am slowly amassing a library of music from HD tracks, including 24/96 and even some 24/176. A few questions: 1/ What...
  19. vkalia

    Inexpensive 3.5mm to 3.5mm short i/c with right-angle plugs

    Anyone know where I can get such beasties, preferably without paying a huge premium?  I am not a big believer in cables making any kind of difference, but i do think well-made cables using thick gauge wires are worth a modest premium.   TIA!
  20. vkalia

    Ripping 24-bit CDs (Reference Recordings) on a Mac

    Hi guys -   Need some help on the best way to rip 24-bit CDs on a Mac to ALAC.  I am using XLD, and in the "options" settings for ALAC, I have chosen to rip at the same sample rate and bit depth as the original.   However, when I play back the file on VLC to test, it is showing as 16...
  21. vkalia

    Portable amp with the most tubelike sound

    I realized that I should have asked this here rather than the Intro forum.   I have an E12 and an Alo National en route as my portable amp solutions - but I have realized that i want a portable with a juicier, more tubey sound: warm, velvet, lush, rich midrange.    I dont care if I cannot use...
  22. vkalia

    Getting a single-ended tubey sound in a (trans)portable rig - Alo Continental V3 or ???

    I travel a lot and my LCD 2/ HE 500s are a bit too bulky to take with me on the road.   I have a pair of Senn Momentums and SE 535s, and am looking to build a high-end transportable solution (around them if possible - am ok buying another headphone if need be).    My main music on this rig...
  23. vkalia

    $500 DACs - Audio GD, Peachtree, what else?

    I'm in the market for a good DAC.   The main source is going to be the USB output from my Mac, but I also have a 160GB iPod on a dock with a coax out that I can use.   Does anyone know the difference between the various Audio-GD DACs in the $350-500 range - the NFB2.32, the NFB-3 and the NFB...
  24. vkalia

    X3 not showing any tracks

    I've just uploaded about 55GB worth of songs onto my X3 player from my iTunes library.       However, when I go into the Album view and click down into the specific album, it doesnt not show me any songs.   When I go into Artist view, it doesnt show me any albums below the Artist.  It is...
  25. vkalia

    Something between a HD518 and HD650/LCD2.2s

    I recently went on an upgrade binge and got myself a HD650 and also an LCD2 for home-use.   I travel a lot and so am looking for something I can set up in a hotel with a smaller amp/DAC rig (likely an O2+Dac or Matrix M-Force, or just an Ocean Audio Bravo) and get Nice Sound.       I'd prefer...