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  1. coli

    Pass Labs XA30.8 Class A Amplifier

  2. coli

    Subjective Tests Indicate High-Resolution Audio Offers No Benefits

    Tests done at the 139th AES Convention by ImmersAV Technology suggest there is no increase in quality with dynamic range beyond 85dB or bandwidth beyond 20kHz.   Well, I learned it the...
  3. coli

    TASCAM UH-7000

    This thing got like a million features, I'm using it as a DAC right now. Relatively "cheap", especially used. Note I'm using speakers, not headphone.   Super spacious/vast sound, I can literally hear the size of the recording room with this DAC, very 3D sound. Super accurate.   I like it...
  4. coli

    Metrum Pavane NOS R2R DAC

    Used Metrum Pavane NOS R2R DAC (silver with black top)   Pickup is possible in the Dallas area.   No trades. (Well the only exception is the Genelec 8351)
  5. coli

    Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock Lowest-Jitter Master Clock and Audio Re-Clocker

    Used Mutec MC-3+ Smart Clock Lowest-Jitter Master Clock and Audio Re-Clocker.   Pickup is possible if you are in the Dallas area.