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  1. PeterDLai

    JVC HA-FX850 Earphones

    Looking for someone willing to part with these woodies. :)
  2. PeterDLai

    Sony XBA-30 and HiFiMAN RE-400

    Up for sale is a pair of silver Sony XBA-30 (triple balanced armature drivers), imported from Japan via (Tenso as shipping forwarder). The earphones were purchased new about half a year ago, and they're in very good condition and are functionally perfect. These are said to be...
  3. PeterDLai


    I demoed this pair of IEMs for about an hour but decided it was not my cup of tea in sound signature. Good value, however. Most of the tips are unused and the additional accessories (earhooks, shirt clip, felt pouch) are also unused.   Currently shipping to CONUS only. Shipping costs via...
  4. PeterDLai

    Westone UM3X In-Ear Monitors

    Up for sale is a pair of used Westone UM3X in-ear monitors (non-RC version). They are in excellent condition, with nothing wrong functionally or cosmetically. I am the original owner and I live in a smoke-free/pet-free home. 99% of the time they were used at home through my iBasso D10 DAC/amp...
  5. PeterDLai

    Audio-Technica ATH-CKM99

    I impulse bought this pair of earphones several days ago when BeachCamera/BuyDig virtually had them on clearance (for the price I'm listing it at), but found out that they don't fit my ears well (even after trying a multitude of third-party tips). I get stellar sound quality out of these if I...
  6. PeterDLai

    IC: iBasso D10 *CONUS ONLY*

    First off, I would prefer to sell this as a package along with a good condition iRiver iHP-120 and Sys Concept optical cable as shown in this thread here, but if there are no takers for the entire rig, I will then split the portable rig up. Up for sale is an excellent condition iBasso D10...
  7. PeterDLai

    FS: iBasso D10/iRiver iHP-120 Reference Portable Rig *CONUS ONLY*

    Up for sale is an excellent condition iBasso D10 with everything that it came with (including warranty card) and a good condition Rockboxed black iRiver iHP-120 (battery holds good amount of charge, getting around 12 hours of pure FLAC playback). I'd prefer to sell them as a package with the Sys...
  8. PeterDLai


    I sold Ryan a pair of excellent condition Sennheiser IE8 earphones. Payment was quick, communication was excellent, and overall the entire transaction was as smooth as can be. Thanks and happy listening!
  9. PeterDLai


    I sold Joe a pair of used STAX SR-Lambda Pro earspeakers and it was a smooth and painless transaction. Payment was fast, communication was excellent, and Joe was great to work with. Happy listening!
  10. PeterDLai

    SOLD: M-AUDIO IE-40 (Rebranded UE 10 Pro) (CONUS only)

    I have a pair of M-AUDIO IE-40 IEMs for sale because I am planning on upgrading soon to a full-sized rig for home use. For those that don't know, these are the same as the venerable UE 10 Pro earphones, except that these are black and chrome in color. I personally like this color...
  11. PeterDLai

    Official Klipsch Custom-3 Impressions Thread

    Here are my (long) first impressions of the Klipsch Custom-3 earphones: Design: The comfort is about the same as any other deep ear canal earphone. The memory wire is a little thicker than normal, but it isn't too bad. I am currently wearing glasses with them and am not experiencing much...
  12. PeterDLai

    Holiday Savings for Klipsch Headphones

    If any of you are in the market for a pair of IMAGE, Custom-1, or Custom-2 headphones, you can save $25-50 off by using the coupon code "Holiday". More details can be found here. I'm still holding out for the Custom-3 (dual-driver), and I hope some sort of promotion can be done for this...
  13. PeterDLai

    M-AUDIO Studiophile Q40 Headphones

    It seems these have passed under the radar, but I'm curious if anyone knows if this is a rebrand or an original product. Features:40mm drivers provide exceptional frequency response closed-back circum-aural design delivers excellent isolation lightweight construction with comfortable...
  14. PeterDLai

    Does using a Grado 1/4" to 1/8" adapter defeat the purpose of a recable?

    I have a pair of APureSound recabled Denon AH-D2000 headphones coming, but it has a 1/4" plug termination that fits none of my sources. Will the use of a Grado 1/4" to 1/8" adapter defeat the purpose of the recable (i.e. degrade the sound quality)?
  15. PeterDLai

    Klipsch IMAGE In-Ear Earphones

    This is a bit interesting. Check out the press release here: World's Smallest Earphones Now Shipping Both JAYS and Klipsch claim they have the smallest earphones on the market. The Klipsch IMAGE's shape reminds me of how the Etymotic ER•4P is curved. The price? $349. That's a pretty big...
  16. PeterDLai

    SOLD OUT: Sennheiser HD 25 (aka HD25-1, HD25, HD-25) for $131.19 + Shipping/Tax

    UPDATE: As of May 29, 2007, they are all sold out now. It says "Temporarily Out of Stock," but I believe that's the last eCOST is going to sell them since they were in their Closeout section. The link at the bottom is actually now broken. There's good news and bad news. I'll start with the...
  17. PeterDLai

    SOLD: YUIN PK2 Earphones (USA)

    Up for sale is a excellent pair of YUIN PK2 earphones that have about 2 hours of real use on them, and about 12 hours of burn-in. I am selling them because I have found no proper times to use earbuds. These are the best earbuds I've ever heard, but I haven't heard the YUIN PK1. They also compare...
  18. PeterDLai

    Are YUIN?

    To all new and old YUIN earphone users: Are YUIN or are you out? I'm definitely in and digging it. Be sure to vote in the poll, I'm curious...
  19. PeterDLai

    FS: JBL Reference 220 (black)

    I bought these after I got the V-MODA Vibe because I wanted to see which one I preferred. Upon listening to these, I found out that the two canalphones sound strikingly different (IMHO). The mids on the V-MODA Vibe are much more forward, while the mids on the JBL 220 are more laid back. It does...
  20. PeterDLai

    FS: V-MODA Vibe (gunmetal black)

    I bought these because of the hype surrounding them and was pleased to find out that they sound pretty good. The V-MODA Vibes are very "musical" sounding canalphones with strong full frontal mids. Unfortunately, I don't see myself using these that much, and I have other expenses to pay off...
  21. PeterDLai

    How is the E-MU 02 CardBus standalone?

    I am interested in upgrading my integrated laptop audio, and was wondering how the E-MU 02 CardBus does by itself. I believe it is part of a larger package called the 1616M. But you can purchase it direct from E-MU standalone for $149.99, right around the same price as an Echo Indigo DJ. Can...
  22. PeterDLai

    FS: Ultrasone HFI-650 Trackmaster

    This pair of Ultrasones have been kept in immaculate condition. There are no cracks whatsoever in the headband, the pads are clean, the cups look smooth. It overall looks like it's in "like new" condition. This is a discontinued model in the United States, and it was replaced by the DVD Edition...
  23. PeterDLai

    Source of the harsh treble?

    I currently have a pair of Sennheiser CX300 of Koss KSC-75 because I'm on a low budget. Listening through both my onboard audio (Realtek HD Audio) on my laptop and my Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit on my desktop, I hear harsh treble in some of my MP3s. The KSC-75 produces the harsher "ssss" and...
  24. PeterDLai

    Echo Indigo Sound on MP3s?

    Right now I'm using onboard audio (I know, ick) with Realtek AC'97 in my laptop. To me, it actually sounds alright. I plan to someday get a better set of headphones too (right now, I'm using cheap ones: Koss KSC-75, Sennheiser CX300). I was wondering, if I upgraded to an Echo Indigo card...
  25. PeterDLai

    Rio Nitrus for $263, Zen NX 30 GB for $274

    Both of these are available at, which generally tends to have cheaper prices on newer players. The prices in the title do not include tax in New York. Seems like they do not have a standard ground shipping method, so you'll have to select second day delivery for $14.95. I'm okay...