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  1. PeterDLai

    ISN Earphones impression thread. New ISN D02 carbon crystal dynamic!!

    Seems like these comparisons between the ikko OH10 and ISN H40 are on the same page except for maybe a difference in perceived treble? Perhaps it comes down to the tips being used.
  2. PeterDLai

    Takstar Pro 82/GM200 Review, impressions and discussion thread

    What they told me to do is place the order using "WESTUNION" (Western Union) as payment method (this lets you "place the order" without paying yet) then contact them to adjust the price for the discount after which you'll be able to select whichever payment method you actually intend on using.
  3. PeterDLai

    Sony budget earphone discussion thread (MH750, MH755, MH1C, EX300, etc)

    For those in the United States, Canada, Latin America or the Caribbean, there's an eBay coupon for $3 discount off a minimum purchase of $3.01 which should bring the MH755 down to $2.99 shipped. The coupon code is PROMO3 (details here). This seller has been vouched earlier for selling genuine...
  4. PeterDLai

    The discovery thread!

    As one of the only members here to give impressions of the Meizu LIVE, what made you sell or return them in the end? The current price is $137.01 from Meizu's official store on AliExpress.
  5. PeterDLai

    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    The CEO of Moondrop himself says that the KXXS is his favorite model, presumably tuning-wise. He says it around the 5:35 mark in this video:
  6. PeterDLai

    Tanchjim in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Sounds like they compare favorably to the iBasso IT04 in your opinion if you're investing more into them. :)
  7. PeterDLai

    Tanchjim in ear monitors Impressions Thread

    Maybe the negative impressions of these by toranku were caused by poor fit. Looking forward to hearing more impressions!
  8. PeterDLai

    Toranku's Thoughts and Reviews (and target EQ filters!)

    Can you post some brief thoughts on the TANCHJIM Oxygen and why you didn't like it? I'm having trouble finding many impressions out there on this specific model.
  9. PeterDLai

    Tansio Mirai Impressions Thread

    Did you get the test TSMR-3 Pro yet? Any first impressions if so?
  10. PeterDLai

    Reply to review by 'PeterDLai' on item 'HiFi BOY Dream'

    Have you received the PENON BS1 Official Version yet? Are you planning on doing a full review of those?
  11. PeterDLai

    Reply to review by 'PeterDLai' on item 'NiceHCK EBX'

    The cable reminds me of the one on the Penon BS1 Official Version.
  12. PeterDLai

    Blox earbuds Discussion (TM7, M2C, ANV3, BE3/BE5/BE7, B160/B320)

      I wonder if the same holds true for the B160 even with its lower impedance. Can anybody with the B160 chime in on how they fare out of a smartphone?
  13. PeterDLai

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

      What I want are the black-cabled versions that the HLSX boss sent pictures of to robervaul. Those are much nicer looking IMO.   EDIT: Found out that they're the Magaosi M1.
  14. PeterDLai

    Reply to review by 'peterdlai' on item '1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones with In-line Microphone and Remote'

    I'm curious to know where you slot these in your earphone rankings (inside the Headphone Inventory section of your profile).
  15. PeterDLai


      Just for curiosity's sake, which balanced armatures are used in the Master 4?
  16. PeterDLai

    The discovery thread!

      One option is to purchase from Gmarket, which is the eBay of Korea (actually a subsidiary of eBay as of 2009). They charge the actual retail prices on there, while also offering international shipping. The total price for an EN1 shipped to USA is roughly $62 USD through Gmarket.
  17. PeterDLai

    The discovery thread!

    Has anybody heard either of the IEMs from a brand called EARNiNE? They're balanced armature earphones made in Korea by a company called TSST Global (stands for Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology), which usually specializes in optical disc drives.   The designs caught my eye when I saw closeup...
  18. PeterDLai

    MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

    My order got canceled due to backorder and a refund was issued.   Oh well, worth a shot!
  19. PeterDLai

    MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 - $199 Dynamic Driver Flagship *Reviews 2nd Post*

      Has anybody that ordered through this received any updates?
  20. PeterDLai

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

      Do you mean that your **** DIY K3003 is the dynamic-only version? I believe the more expensive model is supposed to be a 3-way hybrid design (dual balanced armatures + dynamic driver).
  21. PeterDLai

    Chinese / Asian Brand Info Thread (Headphones, IEMs, Amps, DACs)

      I noticed the other day that the **** DIY K3003 is offered with a silver cable now (for about the same price):    
  22. PeterDLai

    Introducing Trinity Audio Engineering

      The Techne is actually in stock right now and only $59.00 at the time of this posting, which I think is pretty close to the Kickstarter price. There's only 16 left in stock, though.