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  1. Danseph

    Wireless gaming headsets as good as Fidelio X1 ?

    Is there a wireless haedset for PS4 that is as good as my Fidelio X1?    I'm currently using a Fidelio X1 and a Creative BlasterX G5, and I love this setup so much I almost never use my speakers to play. I love how fun the Fidelios are. My only major issue is the cord. It's utterly annoying to...
  2. Danseph

    Mixamp + HD598 + Modmic for a PS4

    Please, allow me to run this by you for comment and criticism.   After research, here's my envisioned setup for gaming on a PS4: Astro Mixamp Pro 2013 Sennheiser HD598 Antlion Modmic   I was considering the HD650 at one point, but decided against it because I believe the Mixamp won't...