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  1. CraftyClown

    *SOLD* Sony NW-WM1A mega bundle (UK seller) includes Dignis case, Sony MUC-M12SB 4.4mm balanced Kimber Kable and bluetooth remote (Free UK postage)

    Yes, that's right... I'm selling this awesome Sony mega bundle! :ksc75smile: All you need to do is add IEMs and you have a full balanced setup including cable, ready to go. Included is: 1 x Sony NW-WM1A walkman (retail price £1,100) 1 x Dignis leather case (retail price £130) 1 x Sony...
  2. CraftyClown

    *UK SELLER* IFI iDSD nano

    Hi guys,   I'm having a clear out and one of the items for sale is my IFI iDSD nano   It's a fantastic little DAC in great condition and it comes in the original packaging.   Free UK postage is available   *Photos to be added*
  3. CraftyClown

    *UK SELLER* IFI iCAN Micro

    Hi guys,   I'm having a clear out and one of the items for sale is my IFI iCAN micro   It's a fantastic little amp in great condition and it comes in the original packaging.   Free UK postage is available   *Photos to be added*
  4. CraftyClown

    If I want to protect my hearing, should I be concerned by the Max level or the Peak level?

    So I'm really making an effort to manage my listening levels and with some help from other forum members I now have a rudimentary SPL measurement setup for my IEMs, consisting of a Vibro Veritas coupler (calibrated with a multimeter and some Etymotic IEMs) and the SPL meter in REW.   I can now...
  5. CraftyClown

    Searching for a half decent way of testing SPL with IEMs

    Hi all,   So I'm trying to take a bit more care of my hearing. I know it's not in great shape and I know that I can't fix the damage done over four decades, but I do want to stop making it worse!   I'm trying to measure the SPL of my various IEMs when connected to my DAPs and work out the...
  6. CraftyClown

    * SOLD* Lotoo Paw Gold - Mint condition - less than 4 weeks old + Blue leather case + 128gig SD card *UK Seller*

    Ok, so next up is my hardly used Lotoo Paw Gold in immaculate condition in it's original packaging.   I'm also throwing in a blue leather case and a 128gig SD card.   The LPG is exceptional but I've spent far to much money on audio gear recently and I just can't justify it, so I'm scaling...
  7. CraftyClown

    *SOLD* Astell & Kern IAA01 bluetooth remote *UK seller*

    I had honestly forgotten I still owned this. I found it in my draw this morning :D   The IAA01 is a bluetooth remote for the Astell & Kern DAP range. I know it works with the AK100, 120 and 240, but beyond that I'm not sure.   I no longer have any Astell devices, so I literally have no use...
  8. CraftyClown

    * SOLD* Etymotic ER4-SR (Mint condition) in original packaging + all accesories *UK Seller*

    Hi all,   I'm having a new year clear out and I've decided I don't need both the ER4-SR and the ER4-XR and I find myself using the XRs all the time, therefore the SRs are for sale.   They are only 8 weeks old and are hardly used. They are in the original packaging, which also includes all of...
  9. CraftyClown

    * SOLD* Questyle QP1R (Imaculate condition) + Questyle tan leather case (UK seller) only 7 weeks old

    Hi all,   I'm selling my 7 week old Questyle QP1R. It is still in an immaculate, as new condition in the original box and includes the tan brown leather case.   It's an amazing player and the only reason I'm selling is due to the purchase of a Lotoo Paw Gold.   *Buyer pays fees and...
  10. CraftyClown

    Why is sufficient volume not always enough?

    Hi all,   I'd be grateful if someone could explain the science behind something for me?   I often see people saying that an amp or DAP can drive headphones to a sufficient volume without clipping, however these headphones aren't sounding as good as they should.   Is there something to...
  11. CraftyClown

    * SOLD* Rhapsodio Solar Universal IEMs + Pandora SPC cable + aluminium box (perfect condition) UK seller

    Hey guys,   I've got my Universal Solars up for sale   These are amazing IEMs, but I need to sell as I have other audio purchases to make     They come in the Rhapsodio aluminium box with the Pandora SPC cable     *Buyer pays postage and paypal fees*
  12. CraftyClown

    Low gain and higher volume vs high gain and lower volume

    Hi all,   Is it better to use a lower gain and higher volume, or a higher gain and lower volume?   I hear much talk about some headphones not sounding their best, even at high volumes unless they are sufficiently powered, however coming from a video background I am acutely aware that adding...
  13. CraftyClown

    *SOLD* Perfect condition Tralucent Ref1 too

    These are the latest version of Tralucent's famous Ref1 IEM the Ref1 too   I have only had these for about 6 weeks and I do love them, but I have my eye on some customs, so they've got to go    *WILL ADD MORE INFO LATER*
  14. CraftyClown

    Best place to pick up a TRRS to TRS adapter?

    Hi folks,   can anyone suggest where I might be able to pick up a TRRS to TRS adapter (preferably UK but not essential)   I have my IEM cable terminated as balanced TRRS (Sony/Hifiman spec) for my Sony NW-ZX2, but I'm on the edge of purchasing a Lotoo Paw Gold which only has a single ended...
  15. CraftyClown

    WTB: Lotoo Paw Gold

    Hey folks,   I'm looking to get hold of a Lotoo Paw Gold.   If your thinking about getting rid of one, please drop me a line   Cheers Rich
  16. CraftyClown

    WTB: Altman Tera player

    I would be very interested in either purchasing or trading for an Altman Tera player   I would however like to stress I am only looking for realistic sale prices :)   Just because Charles has raised the price from 850 euros to 10,0000 euros for the same device, does not mean it has suddenly...
  17. CraftyClown

    *SOLD* Tralucent 1plus2 with spc cable *UK SELLER* (Free postage UK)

    Hi all,   I've decided to sell my Tralucent 1plus2s with an spc cable   They sound absolutely amazing and I want to keep them, but I've just purchased a Tralucent Ref1 too + Uber cable, so I need to replenish my wallet :D   They have been loving looked after and are in tip top condition with...
  18. CraftyClown

    FS: **SOLD** ALO RX MK3-B portable amp *UK* Just like a baby chick, It's going cheap, cheap, cheap

    I'm selling my RX MK3-B as despite it being the most powerful little amp I have ever owned, I have decided to go with the less powerful but tiny RSA F-35.   The MK3-B has both single ended and balanced inputs and outputs and although I've not had a chance to try it out myself, it apparently...
  19. CraftyClown

    My ALO RX-MKIII B for your RSA F-35 Lightning (Ideally UK or Europe)

    Hi all,   I'm looking to do a swapsies with my RX-MKIII B for a RSA F-35 Lightning   The MKIII B is a much more powerful amp, but I'm after the minuscule form factor of the F-35   Anyone fancy doing a swap?  :)
  20. CraftyClown

    Glove Audio A1 jacket DAC Amp for AK120

    I found this on a Japanese site... (Google translation) "Information of great products have come into from Jaben headphones just before the festival! Is a world premiere. The Grove (The Glove) - GloveAudio A1 is a headphone amplifier drive compatible balance of built-in DAC to be mounted so as...
  21. CraftyClown

    (SOLD) (UK) Schiit Lyr amp (230 volt) + selection of great tubes including Amperex Orange Globe JAN 7308

    So it's with a heavy heart I've decided to let my Schiit Lyr amp go. Why? I hear you ask. Well the truth is I'm just not home enough to warrant having it sat there. I do 90% of my listening on the road these days, so a portable amp seems to be the way to go for me. That said, this was not an...
  22. CraftyClown

    SOLD: uk IRiver AK100 only a couple of months old. Currently running brand new firmware with gapless support (In 10 days IRiver are adding USB DAC functions as well). I will also pay postage

    SOLD   Hello boys and girls,   I have decided to sell my beloved AK100 due to an upgrade to the far more expensive AK120.   Not sure how crazy an idea this actually is, especially seeing as it was announced today that IRiver are enabling USB DAC features for the AK100, so basically...