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  1. carlmart

    What does this unit do exactly?

    A friend of mine asked about this unit and I can't exactly pin it or explain what it does. It says it's a "music player", which is quite...
  2. carlmart

    Options for Topping D10 DAC below $100

    I already have a Topping D50, which I use for my audio network. Now I would like to try a good quality DAC on my PC audio output, connected to USB. One option, recommended by many, is the Topping D10, selling for $90. The DAC chip is the ESS9018. Are there other alternatives, below $100...
  3. carlmart

    Affordable DACs with remote control

    A friend of mine asked me for a recommendation on a DAC that he could use to play memory sticks. In order to do that you need some way to select the tracks, like a remote control or an LCD touch screen. Any suggestions on a affordable DAC with a remote control or one that you can add an RC to...