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  1. zhouf

    Tzar 90+ with **** cable

    Selling my Tzar 90+'s because they don't get much headtime anymore. Comes with everything pictured: - Buds - 1 set of tips - **** cable purchased a few weeks ago - Pelican case These are also engraved with the Wizard's signature Looking for $225 (shipped) or best offer
  2. zhouf

    Master and Dynamic MH40

    Bought at StereoExchange in NY for $436 including tax. Will provide proof of purchase.   Manufactured by Master and Dynamic, a new player to the game! They're pretty fun and beautifully designed.   Price includes shipping in the US. 
  3. zhouf

    STEALTH Aurisonics ASG-2's -- PRICED TO SELL AT $400

    These need to go -- price drop for a quick sale... Like New Aurisonics ASG-2's, purchased directly from Aurisonics. Will include everything picture, only within the United States because I'd rather not deal with customs issues... Will also be sent with an extra cable.   Selling because I'd...
  4. zhouf

    DreamEarz AUD-7x Modded to Universals

    Up for sale is a pair of recently purchased DreamEarz AUD-7x universals. A previous owner purchased these customs, and reshelled into universals.   The previous owner put them up to sale in this thread:   I was...
  5. zhouf

    Brainwavz B2

    These B2's have been well cared for. They're a DBA-02 remake, bought from another head-fier a few months ago. They've been lightly used by me, but I believe I'm the third owner. There's some slight unraveling of the cable, but otherwise these headphones are in very good condition. Here's the...
  6. zhouf

    Chris Himself Silver IEM Cable for WESTONE/HEIR

    Paid $95 for these last week. They're DHC terminated.   Letting them go for $60. Please add $5 for paypal and shipping costs. I'm also selling my Heir Audio 3Ai's for $330 total.   Thanks for looking!
  7. zhouf

    Heir Audio 3Ai

    Up for sale is a pair of MINT Heir Audio 3Ai's.   Something's come up and I need the funds. I've had these heirs for probably just over a month.   These phones will be shipped with Heir's Hard Case (which can withstand Hurricane Sandy), and the original stock cable.   $270 includes...
  8. zhouf

    Klipsch Custom 3 -- Excellent Condition

      Recently bought these from another member (alphaphoneix). It is in very good condition and the cable is perfect.  After purchasing just the earphones, I purchased the case and accessories. So it comes with only 3 sets of ear gels Large, 3 sets of ear gels Medium, airline adapter, cleaning...
  9. zhouf

    Etymotic HF2

    Hey everyone,   I've recently decided to sell my slightly eclectic intro headphone collection. I'm selling a pair of my Etymotic HF2's, which were purchased through amazon in August. They were around $110 when I bought them, and they do have that remote that you iPhone users love...
  10. zhouf

    A Bundle of Extreme Musical Happiness -- A Review of the Swans M200 MKIII

      Review of the Swans M200 MKIII   I apologize ahead of time for the lack of pictures… Almost as soon as I finished burning in these stunning, sexy speakers and writing this review, I presented them to my brother as a 28th birthday offering. Nevertheless, here is my long-overdue review of...
  11. zhouf

    UHA-4 Amplifier -- $160

    Priced to sell, mint condition, about a month and a half old.   Comes with the USB connector cable. PM me for more details.   Looking for $160 shipped in the conus.
  12. zhouf

    FS: Fischer Audio FA-011

    Up for sale is my pair of FA-011's.   They basically speak for themselves... Outstanding bass, incredible depth of soundstage, beautiful wooden cups. Wonderfully comfortable earpads... I'm only selling them because I've decided that I need to scale back on this expensive headphone...
  13. zhouf


    Due to some unfortunate unforeseen circumstances, I'm forced to sell my 6 month-old Swans M10 that I purchased from AudioInsider.... I'll provide the warranty information as well, as they should have a few months left.   I love these speakers, and they are an excellent desktop set-up that I...
  14. zhouf

    FS: Meelectronics M6+ -- PRICED TO SELL -- $10

    Hey everyone. Just trying to get some cash... I'm selling my Meelectronics M6+ phones (w. a mic for those of you who need one) for $10 + shipping. Let me know everyone... I'm using them right now, and they're quite comfy. Thanks for looking.    
  15. zhouf

    Grado sr-60i -- $60

    Hey everyone, Up for sale is a pair of modded grados. The drivers have been vented (8 holes poked in each), and the cloth in front of the drivers has been removed. The pads have been quarter modded, and the mesh screens have been replaced (shoutout to tenzip!).   Shipping CONUS for now...
  16. zhouf

    FS: Shure e2c up for best offer.

    I'm trying to sell my pair of e2c's to fund a new purchase. The drivers are in excellent condition, but the cable has developed a few cracks. Overall the phones are in great condition, but they are due for a recable.Offers, anyone? Pics will be up in a few hours.
  17. zhouf

    Looking for Cheap Desktop Amp .... $60 shipped

    Im a Starving Student (literally) looking for something to pair up my HD 555's and sr60i's to.   Suggestions would be highly appreciated!
  18. zhouf

    Philadelphia Meet -- MARCH

    Just wanted to reach out to some fellow head-fi'ers in the Philly area. How many people would be interested in setting up a meet next month?
  19. zhouf

    For Sale: CAL! Creative Aurvana Live Over-Ear Headphones -- $55 (or best offer)

    Selling my CAL!'s I purchased them direct off of Amazon just two/three months ago, and they're in great shape. They've got probably 50 hours of listening time, so they're well burned in. I bought them for walking to and from classes, and figured they could double as a pair of earmuffs too :)...
  20. zhouf

    Grado sr60i

     Up for sale are a pair of Grado sr60i w/ stock pads that have been quarter-modded. Will ship CONUS.