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  1. William007

    Suggestions new IEM's

    Hey! Wow it's been too long since i've been active on Head-Fi, i missed you guys! So the reason for me making this post is because i need some good advise on good iem's, the maximum amount of money i wanna spend on them is $300. I've been out the game for too long to know what's good now days. I...
  2. William007

    Google Nexus 4

    Like most of you probetly know, Google has announced their new phone, together with a new tablet and an upgrade to the Nexus 7 Specs are: Screen: 4.7" 1280x768 (320 ppi) Gapless unibody construction Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 Size: 133.9 x 68.7 x 9.1mm Weight...
  3. William007

    do amps give up?

    hello, i've got a simple question do amps (talking 'bout ss amps) just stop working after a while? or will they work forever?
  4. William007

    Ipad app

    Would there ever be an ipad app?
  5. William007

    Wharfedale earpads

    Hello, i found a pair of Wharfedale Isodynamic headphones today they still work fine i had to de solder the plug because it was broken, i've put a neutrik 3,5 l gold on it for now but i'll recable them in the future. But the biggest problem is that the earpads are rotten. The pleather is almost...
  6. William007

    Ipad+ fiio e7

    Hello, i've got an idea for a new portable setup. Would the fiio E7 work with the camera conection kit? Thanks for helping, William
  7. William007

    Schiit asgard hum with iem's

    I just got my schiit asgard ( 1 week ago) and i love it with my cans but is it normal that there is some hum in the background when using iems? I'm using RHA MA-350 with it is it because these are to sensitive? Or is there something wrong with my amp?
  8. William007

    Closed Back Grado SR80i

    Hello i was wondering if anybody ever tried to make a grado closed? If so how does it sound?
  9. William007

    overpriced cables

    I've got a question about a cable is this cable way to overpriced? or should i just make a cable myself? if so can somebody link me to some good RCA connectors, i'll be using this cable to connect my Schiit Asgard to my Sony CDP- 101 so it...
  10. William007

    Best < $50 iem's?

    hi, i'm looking for the best iem's for less then 50 dollars. i had beats by dr dre studio (worst headphones ever) sold them for 60 dollars and now i'm looking for good iem's. i had altec lansing, bose,.. ie's in the past but they all broke after a year. I currently use Sennheiser CX150 (wich i...