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  1. fzman

    Computer Monitor Recommendations

    Hello All. I think I need to upgrade my monitor for the ongoing work-from-home world in which I currently find myself. I have some specific criteria to satisfy, but really do not have a way to go look at monitors in any useful way these days.... I currently have an HP 2310M, which is still...
  2. fzman

    FS-Sony ZX2 et al

    Hello All, For sale items below where all purchased new, and I have original boxes, etc. They work properly, but have been used (by me). Trying to simplify and put my eggs in fewer baskets. Prices all include Paypal fees, but not shipping, which will be via FedEx to the CONUS. No trades or...
  3. fzman

    Best sounding 'transport' for Portable playback

    So, I bounce back and forth from wanting a single-box solution vs. a 'stack' for on-the-go music-listening. I use my portable gear on walks, as well as at the local coffee shop for lunch breaks, and will also listen while grocery shopping, etc... I am a big guy, and all of my clothes have...
  4. fzman

    Your "Dream" Headphone Harem

    What specific TOTL headphones would you acquire if you were interested in covering the widest range of 'sonic signatures' with the fewest number of headphones? In other words, if you already have XXX, you wold want YYY to complement it, trather than ZZZ, which is already quite similar.... I'm...
  5. fzman

    WTB totl iem cables

    I've got both mmcx and 2-pin iems I want to get new cables for. I'd prefer they be 2.5mm trrs at the amp end. I prefer natural tonality, and reasonable ergonomics, i.e., not microphonic, not too stiff...... Pay via paypal, ship to USA address.... what'cha got? Trades are not out of the...
  6. fzman

    Opinions on hearing aid dryer

    In my typical, 'shoot first, ask questions later' purchasing style, I bought this some time ago-in fact too long ago to return it, so I thought this would be as good a time as any to ask whether this sort of item, or this one in particular, is recommended for periodic maintenance of iems- and if...
  7. fzman

    64ears Adel A10 customs

    Here are my low-hours A10s for sale.  I just don't use them, and they are ready to go. I bought them new from 64ears, and have everything they came with, including the S1 adel modules that were factory installed, and have never been removed. The outer box has the dryer connister and the cleaning...
  8. fzman

    Name your favorite giant and/or giant-killer hybrid or dynamic-driver universal iems

    I have rediscovered that I really love the way that dynamic driver iems present the music, specifically percussion, and their slam and wallop in the bass.  It's not about the quantity or the frequency, it's more about capturing the whole wave, from leading edge, through the bloom,and into the...
  9. fzman

    Inkjet of color laser-- advice please

    Hello all.  My printer is acting up and i do not think it is worth repairing (it's an epson r1900 that was salvaged after it was not good enough to be used at its job).   I mostly print documents and stuff from the web, so I would like color.  I almost never print on photo paper or anything...
  10. fzman

    TOTL CIEM advice wanted- feel free to use acronyms

    Hello all.   I am on the prowl for a(nother) TOTL CIEM and have narrowed it down to the following few choices (I have my reasons, so please try to stay within my list).  I have recently discovered that customs are the way to go for me as I almost always have fit issues with universals, and my...
  11. fzman

    DAP + USB dac/amp combo question

    I'm feeling Spring fever for better portable sound, now that the weather is starting to warm up.  While I'd love a single-box solution, gien the range of iems out there, seems like a two-box solution would be better.  That way you can pick a great UI, lots of storage, and good battery life, and...
  12. fzman

    iqube v5

    Not much being said about this Dac-amp combo. Any thoughts about it, and what would be the best portable source to use with it, preferably other than a laptop or phone?
  13. fzman

    best dap for digital out to iqube v5

    I keep going back and forth between wanting a single-box solution to portable audio bliss, and using two pieces- aka transport and dac/amp or transport/dac and seperate amp combo. While the 240-Hugo combo commends itself, I'd like to go a bit lower than that, budget-wise...... So, what player...
  14. fzman

    Cable for sale

    Selling the following cable: It's in as-new condition, I think I have the original box for it.  I'm the original owner.     ADL/Furutech HD600/650 cable IHP-35S SENNHEISER HEADPHONE CABLE - 1.3m ret.$169   sell for $100 including paypal fee and FedEx shipping to CONUS
  15. fzman

    Koss 950s vs. Vintage Stax Lambdas

    I know the energizers matter, but am curious about how these would compare sonically - which is warmer?  more dynamic?  more coherent? which is brighter?  which has better bottom-end weight and authority.  In other words, what would be the least "culture-shock" coming from sealed dynamics like...
  16. fzman

    JVC DX1000 vs. ???? sealed headphone recommendation please

    I am currently enjoying my recently acquired dx1000s.  I need a sealed headphone for this specific application, and have a very good sounding rig to connect it to.  I am especially interested in hearing from anyone who has been seduced away from their DX1000s and specifically to what other...
  17. fzman

    Quest for the ultimate Bluetooth - advice requested

    So, I am looking for a new single-ear bluetooth device to be able to use my android phone hands-free, for calling only (no music).  I have a Samsung 7000 now, but the battery does not seem to be holding a charge, so I am back to the drawing board.  It needs to be pretty loud, and have decent...
  18. fzman

    Big-Eared People Unite!!

    I seem to have large-aperture ear canals, and have to use the biggest diameter tips in any assortment.  Usually large Complys work, but in some cases even those do not give me the best seal.  So....   What's the widest good tip you know of - what's actually worked for you, fellow big-ear   ...
  19. fzman

    Most musically satisfying universal IEM ?????

    So, it being the Holiday season I've got the buy-bug again, and decided I'd focus on upper-tier performance iems, that will "leave me alone iwth the music".  I've liked mostly single driver units, mostly dynamics, and am looking for something universal (not custom) that will really make me happy...
  20. fzman

    Please recommend a computer psu

    Having just recently discovered that a computer does not operate properly when partially submerged in water.  I am assuming the psu is toast, as the computer will not turn on, even with the hard drives disconnected.  I am hoping the mobo, cpu and ram are ok, but need another psu to test it with...
  21. fzman

    The IEM that reminds me most of Audeze's sonic signature is ????

    I'm on the hunt for a new IEM, and prefer to have just one set which is both jack of, and master of, all trades.  I love the sound of Audeze's because they combine warmth/body with resolution, and are full range (ok, maybe a touch less so on top).   They are very coherent, and do instrumental...
  22. fzman

    FS: Denon AH-W150 Bluetooth Headset

    Just got these, and decided they are not necessary (plus i bought some other stuff and could use the $$).  They are complete with  the original box and all included accessories.  Will only ship to US addresses, and payment via paypal.  Price is fair and firm, and does not include shipping.  I...
  23. fzman

    Monster Supertips - red adapters

    Can anyone confirm whether current stock of the Supertips, whether the sampler kit, or the multi-packs still come with the red adapters (or some other color) to use these on narrower stems?   I am ok buying the set, but not if the adapters are not included, since i already have some of the...
  24. fzman

    wi-fi router recommendation

    Hey all.  I've got an old dir-655 that works reasonably well, but i would loke better performance, and more range.  it lives in my basement, and does not give me good coverage in the back yard (small-ish house and small lot).   I do not know if i have any 5 GHz devices, so it needs to have...
  25. fzman

    Solder station upgrading from Hakko 936 - suggestions

    I've been doing my search-duties but have not found more recent posts about solder stations...   I have, as may be obvious from the title of my post, a Hakko 936, and would like to get something better.  I do cables, through-hole (both simple repairs, and board stuffing) and an occasional...