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  1. iemcamp

    Canceled please delete

    Why do you sell it?
  2. iemcamp

    FS: Sony mdr-ex1000

    I am selling Sony Ex1000 in very good condition. Package includes iems and cable. No original tips included. I would like to get 270 euro including paypal fees and shipping to Europe.
  3. iemcamp

    FS: Meze Empyrean/Audeze LCD 4 pin mini-XLR/2.5mm balanced cable

    I have this cable for sale Price is 160 euro including paypal fees and shipping to Europe.
  4. iemcamp

    oBravo Cupid

    I had a lot of iems (u18t, Andromeda, ex1000, se846, Atlas) and had home listening sessions with others like Tia Trio, Solaris etc., have Meze Empyrean and Cupid wins with all of these. At the moment I have ex1000 and Meze and prefer Obravo 100%. The two just sound thin compared to this one...
  5. iemcamp

    oBravo Cupid

    Thanks for sharing, it's interesting, but I don't like the change these EQs are doing with Cupids. Tried eq Empyrean with jaakkopasanen/AutoEq results and didn't get good sound too. I think Cupids are quite impressive on their own.
  6. iemcamp

    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    HEX V2 doesn't have mids comparing to Empys and soundstage is just an artificial product of how lows and highs are arranged.
  7. iemcamp

    Final Audio D8000 Planar Magnetic Headphone

    Had both and Empyrean have mids and highs better, bass is better in D8000. Advise to listen first as D8000 has 6k peak that may bother a lot of people.
  8. iemcamp

    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    Just go back to your D8000 thread and prepare to defend your beloved ones when someone at last discovers this 6k peak that disqualifies Finals.
  9. iemcamp

    Chord Electronics - Hugo 2 - The Official Thread

    Hello, can anyone please point me to Hugo 2 Windows 7 drivers. Couldn't find it any longer on Chord website and also google hasn't been much helpful so far. Does anyone use Win 10 drivers on Win 7? Thanks.
  10. iemcamp

    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    Just a quick few thoughts and personal opinion on Empyrean vs D8000 as I have them both for a few day sessions right now for A/B running from Tidal/Roon/Hugo 2/stock cables with different kind of genres pop/electronic/metal/rock/classical. I own Empyrean and prefer suede pads. Both are great and...
  11. iemcamp

    WTB: Audeze LCD/Meze headphone cable 3.5/6.3mm

    Very interested to buy mini xlr 4pin cable terminated with 3.5 or 6.3mm jack. Will be using with Meze Empyrean, but I guess Audeze LCD cables have the same sockets.
  12. iemcamp

    Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

    I know, even got a iem cable from them this week but I know how long you may wait and I would like to spare my self this time. Got impatient when I had to wait 9 weeks for the last one. As for Noir, I heard that there are some problems with bass control. Can you share your experience? I will...
  13. iemcamp

    [SOLD] CA Atlas

    Sorry, no, sold already
  14. iemcamp

    [SOLD] CA Atlas

    Here are images:
  15. iemcamp

    [SOLD] CA Atlas

    Hey, these were bought at There are some tiny scratches of course, I will make pictures in daylight tomorrow so you may see how they look. Bill will be provided. Cheers.
  16. iemcamp

    [SOLD] U18t [mint]

    For sale almost new U18t, bought 12/2018 with Polish official distributor. Never used outside, new like package without only 1 pair of tips used. Pictures as needed. Paypal preferred.
  17. iemcamp

    [SOLD] CA Atlas

    Bought on 2018/10. Used for about 1.5 months. Mint condition. Pictures if there is an interest.
  18. iemcamp

    Campfire - Solaris

    ... but good always prevails over evil ... :)
  19. iemcamp

    Campfire - Solaris

    Had se846 1/2 year ago, then after a "long" journey owning Andro, Atlas, U18t and listening to Solaris, I ended up with Sony ex1000. I am sure that after shure you should end up with these.
  20. iemcamp

    Sony EX1000 Review and Impressions Thread (with comparisons to FX700, GR10 and e-Q5)

    Hey, does anybody know a stationary shop in Singapore that sells ex1000? Thanks.
  21. iemcamp

    Campfire - Solaris Yet another info, comparison to Phantom.