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  1. pwscott

    Are Campfire Andromeda (2019) IEMs My Next Audio Purchase?

    So I'm suffering with what photographers call G.A.S. or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Have been on a fairly steep slope up in spending from when I won a pair of KLH Ultimate One headphones from Worldwide Stereo's Facebook page (which is where my Yamaha and Klipsch gear came from my listening room)...
  2. pwscott

    Recommendation? IEMs sub-$100 to use w/iPhone 7 and Fiio BTR3

    Hi folks. I have a younger brother who is going through chemotherapy over this and coming months and I'd like to help him up his game in terms of enjoying music. I have a limited budget for this as I'm helping in lots of other financial ways, but my thought was to get him a Fiio BTR3 bluetooth...