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  1. musicbased

    Etymotic ER4 with sub bass?

    Hello everyone, haven't been around for a while, but my etymotic er4s have started to break..I really love the sound, but am wondering if nowadays there is anything available that has the same detailed sound but with more sub bass extension? Thanks, Lewis.
  2. musicbased

    ipod classic line out vs Ipod touch

    Just wondering about the sound quality from the line out of either ipod touch 4th gen or ipod classic 6th gen 160gb. I would like the extra storage of the classic, but I read that the classic has a not very good headphone out. However, if i use it with an amp from the line out it should be...
  3. musicbased

    Hifiman HM-801 - SOLD

          I'm seeing if there is any interest in my Hifiman HM801 with 32GB sd card (full of music or empty)...   It's good condition,and still has the original screen protecter on it.Works perfectly,just has some small paint chips on the back and some faded writing. Ideally in the...
  4. musicbased

    which is better???

    Hello.   I have a coax input on my dac, but only an optical or usb output on my mac...   So i'm wondering, which is better, USB to coax converter, or optical to coax converter?   Optical to coax is much cheaper, so i guess usb to coax must be better in some way??   Anone able to...
  5. musicbased

    please help me connect my hifiman hm801!

    Hello,   How do i connect the coax input on the HM801 to the optical out on my mac so i can use it as a DAC?   Whats the best thing to get?...   Thanks.
  6. musicbased

    Hifiman HM-801 help

    Hello, i really hope somebody can help me with this.   I bought a hifiman HM-801 a while ago from somebody on here, and it was all good!-I really loved it, but a couple of weeks ago the headphone port broke so the jack just wobbles about and only has sound sometimes...   I didn't think...
  7. musicbased


    I bought a Hifiman HM-801 from Jeremy, and he is a great guy to deal with. Really friendly, and did everything possible to make it nice and easy for me. It was posted very quickly, and he was incredibly helpful with any questions i asked. I'm very pleased, I would definitely buy something from...