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  1. Ira Delphic

    FS: **** EPK1 Earbud

    I just bought a bunch of earbuds and don't need the EPK1. I tested with the foams that were installed on the earbud. The foam pack is untouched. Not burned in. I listened for about 5 - 10 minutes. Includes box, buck case, foams, everything... I can ship to US only, PayPal accepted.. $15, OR...
  2. Ira Delphic

    LG G4 as a portable source (2015 model not G3)?

    I have the LG G3, very satisfied with the SQ and wondering how the LG G4 compares. The reviews just gloss over the sound and there's little mention anywhere (that I can find) regarding the SQ and especially how it compares to the G3. Also no rants that the G4 sound is bad (very unusual not to...
  3. Ira Delphic

    KZ ED8 - Brand new unopened

    $11 Brand new. Unopened.   Shipping included - 1st class USPS to continental US. I may consider sending outside of US.   color: BLUE   PM if interested.   Stock photo used - box is unopened...
  4. Ira Delphic

    TTPOD T1 Tips Thread

    The TTPOD T1 has an unusual earphone shaft - wider bore than most and no so long. One issue with the various The TTPOD T1's is achieving ideal fit - in terms of acceptable seal, sound signature and comfort.    Many tips are included (at least with my The TTPOD T1-E ) - white silicon wide and...
  5. Ira Delphic

    Silver Bullet IEM from OnePlus - shipping soon

    These appear to compete directly with Xiamomi pistons, but as of now there are no reviews or tests. If you need a cheap pair of IEM for listening to audiobooks or casual music listening, they might be a good option for $15.   Not to be confused with Fischer Audio Silver Bullets. Poor product...