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  1. timb5881

    Shoxlab Electrostatic headphones on eBay

    So while l looking on eBay, I stumbled across these listed as electrostatic headphones. Ni info from the seller as to bias and any other specs. I looked at the picture, and at the yoke hinge , it has ATH-M50x ! So it turns out it is a rebadged Audio Technica dynmaic headphone set.
  2. timb5881

    Stax SRM-1/MK2 hum question

    I purchased a SRM-1/MK2 that has one socket modded for pro bias. After nit is on for 5-10 minutes I get a hum in the left channel, The pro bias side is louder than the normal bias. It looks to me that all the electrolytic caps have been updated. So any ideas as to what may be causing the...
  3. timb5881

    Junjihu electrostatic iem’s

    Saw these on eBay any one know anything about them?
  4. timb5881

    Your mission Shiit, to make a universal transformer for electrostatic Headphones

    If you decide to accept this challenge you need to: Make it affordable Able to hook up to most power amps, like your 3 power amps Able to be used with most electrostatic such as Stax, Koss, Sennhieser, and others Multiple bias selections for both the Stax, Koss, etc Perhaps...
  5. timb5881

    What I have learned about tubes.

    Ok so I have been tube rolling for over 25 years. But now that I have a Schiit Vali 2, I have learned a lot more. First, with the exception of Sino and Russian tubes, Phillips may have had their fingers in just about all tube brands at one time or another. Second, trying to ID 6DJ8 and 6922...
  6. timb5881

    Trade Sino, Sovtek and JJ 12ax7 tubes, also Tesla 7dJ8/PCC88

    I have tons of all these tubes, me and a friend of mine were selling them on ebay. I am looking for single 12AU7 or 6SN7 tubes for trade. I will trade multiple's for unwanted older tubes that still test good. I will test all of the tubes I trade for on my Heath Kit HH1 tube tester. If you...
  7. timb5881

    Best Tube bargains still around today

    Ok so there hundreds of different tubes out there. Some sound great others, not so much. Mullard and Telefunken are getting rare and pricey. What signal, power and rectifier tubes can you say are good with a good price? Some new tubes such as Gold Lion are said to be very good, as are the...
  8. timb5881

    With all the talk of multi-bit DAC's, were there any mult-bit portable cd players?

    I am guessing there had to be some produced i the 80's and 90's. Of the portable cd player's I owned, I seem to recall they were all single bit delta sigma players.
  9. timb5881

    When do you decide, I need an amp for my headphones?

    So you have a DAC with headphone output, when do you decide I need an amp? Of course if the volume is not enough you need one, but what else do you use to decide?
  10. timb5881

    Sandisk 400 Gb Micro SD cards

    has anyone tried one of these yet in their player? I am currently using 200 gb cards in my Xduoo X10 and Fiio X3 II The Xduoo having 2 slots would mean 800 gb of files, which would be almost every high resolution file I have ripped from vinyl would fit on it.
  11. timb5881

    Does Koss only have 2 dynamic full size driver?

    With the exception of the ESP-950, does koss only have 2 types of drivers? The one in the PortaPro and the one in the KSC75. And those may be the same drivers except for the titanium coating on the one. I suspect all the full size cans have one of these 2 drivers in them. Am I wrong for...
  12. timb5881

    How many people with DAP's have multiple Micro SD cards loaded and swap cards out often?

    Just curious as to how people keep track of the cards (label storage etc)? I currently have 2 DAP's that take cards, the Fiio X3 II with 1 slot and the Xduoo X10 with 2 slots. I am debating if I should but more than the 3 cards I have for them. While I have pulled cards from one and...
  13. timb5881

    Stax SRS-002 vs Audeze iSine10/20

    Well I know the Audeze iSine iem's have not out for very long, but begs to b asked, how do SRS-002 compare with iSine? They both are large by iem standards. What little I have read on the iSine seems to point that the Audeze are better than the Stax. The Stax comes with a small battery...
  14. timb5881

    GAS attack! Grado SR125, 225,325 compared to My Koss Porta Pro

    It is that time where I am having a GAS attack. I have had my Koss PortaPro headphones for over 10 years, and I plan on keeping them for a long time still. I had a pair of Grado SR60 headphones years ago, but they got destroyed while they where in storage, mouse attack o. The cables. I always...
  15. timb5881

    Hydride balanced armature dynamic iem's? Any worth while?

    Any good ones out there? Any advantages to dual hybrid IEMs with balanced armature and dynamic drivers together? Also would this better than multi ba drivers? I see 2 , 3 and 4 driver balanced armatures si I am guessing they have some advantage. I have also read that dynamic drivers have a...
  16. timb5881

    Has anyone else tried the foobar2000 mobile yet?

    I just downloaded it a couple of days ago, and I love it. With foobar on my of, and adding the the upnp plug in to the pc, streaming is really good, much better than when using iTunes. This is a a demo version, with a few things still not working, like hi Rez and resample. The full version is in...
  17. timb5881

    Here is an interesting device QA-550 wav player

    It uses sd cards, has a digital only out put (with the potential for I2S). Could be a nice high quality portable unit to use with a portable dac .
  18. timb5881

    It begs to be asked! V-DAC or DACMAGIC?

    With the discussion on each of these dac's going into triple digit posts, has anyone compared them? I have been waiting, trying to decide as to which one to buy. If I had the money, I would buy both and do a side by side comparison. For the last several years I have been using an Adcom GFD 600...
  19. timb5881

    Is there a DAP that is good enough for electrostatic headphones (Stax in ear portables)?

    Any one using a DAP with the SR-001 MKII Stax headphones? Which DAP's may be good enough to use with the Stax? Tim
  20. timb5881

    Ok portable experts, touch and classic fans!

    Here is what I have narrowed it down to, a Classic 80 Gb or a Touch G1 16 mB. What I need to help me decide is, How long will the Touch run using wifi only, can it multi task, ie can I play music while browsing the web on wifi? How good is it for on the go web browsing? These are the 3 big...
  21. timb5881

    As about everyone seems to me decide!

    Here is what I have currently Colby 20gB HD MP3 player Koss- KST-75, PortaPro and ESP950 headphones Grado SR-60 Several Sony and Radio Shack lesser model headphones. CMOY pocket amp Creek headphone amp Home I have SACD players, Linn LP12, Oracle Delphi etc. What I am thinking of...
  22. timb5881

    SR60 Grado repair?

    My Grado SR60 headphones finally bit the dust after an ausive 14 years of use. One channel has stoped working (left). Does anyone know how to disassemble the ear pieces? I suspect it is simply a wire issue, so I was thinking of rewiring them. Tim
  23. timb5881

    Whats your Favorite encoder?

    So far I have been more drawn to the LAME mp3 encoder, but I have recently been experimenting with the OGG one as well.
  24. timb5881

    Got my Koss PortaPro's today!

    So far they sound really good for an inexpensive portable headset. How much break in time is needed for them to really sound their best? Tim
  25. timb5881

    Thinking about getting an iriver cd player

    I know many of you have moved on to other smaller devices. I am thinking of getting a used iriver cd player because of all the good reviews I have read about them. Anyone have experience with them? Is there any model I should look for that is better than the other? Tim