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  1. Zowzout123

    Replacing AD-700. Should I get AD-700 or Westone UM2 IEM?

    I liked my AD700's but lacked a little bass, but loved the clarity.  The lack of bass was easily overlooked for me.  Now im needing to replace them because I cant repair them after a dog bit the cord and am wondering what would be the better choice between these 2 headphones.   Use: They...
  2. Zowzout123

    Wanting to upgrade from AD700 (Considering Sennheiser 598s) Looking for more bass

    As the title states I'm looking to upgrade from my AD700's.  My price range is $200-$250.  I am considering the 598's and wondering if that would be a good way to go. I'm looking for more bass, but I'm not a bass head and not really looking for a ton of boom, honestly i liked the AD700's but...
  3. Zowzout123

    Dog bit AD 700 cord... (Can it be fixed?)

    So long story short is my dog bit through the cable because my kid knocked the headphones on the ground.  Anyways I cut the cable up to where the bite mark is gone but I cant splice them back together well enough.  I've tried getting these things back together with no luck at all.  I've tried...