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  1. julien-hifi

    FS: Aqua Acoustic quality La Scala MK2 Optologic

    Hello, I am looking at selling this unique DAC, you won't find another one so this is a great chance to grab one. Last time i checked, it was rated N°1 by John Darko in his Dac index, this says quite a lot. It was purchased in Dec 2017, i am the second owner, and I have a copy of the invoice...
  2. julien-hifi

    *sold* Final Audio D8000

  3. julien-hifi

    [SOLD] XI Audio Broadway S

    Hello, This is a pure class A battery powered amp, and was a great pairing with my Meze Empyrean i sold a while ago. Price new is 1649€ The amp is like...
  4. julien-hifi

    ***sold*** Resonessence Herus+

    Selling my Herus+ dac/amp Review Headphonia: Best budget DAC :bravo:
  5. julien-hifi

    ***sold*** Chord Hugo2 1380€, dignis case, curious cable

    Selling my Chord Hugo2 with Dignis case. Works perfect, looks like new, as the battery. Dignis case in option, 150€
  6. julien-hifi

    Post deleted

  7. julien-hifi

    Sold [FS] HE1000 V2

    Hello, I am selling a like new He1000 V2 (2999€ new), I am the 2nd owner, it was first purchased on April 3rd 2018, but used only 2/3 hours, so I got it just like new. I bought them 1850€, they are still with warranty and i have the invoice. Without the cable, price is 1750€ I also have a...
  8. julien-hifi

    Sold [FS] Nordost Heimdall 2 / 2.5mono

    Hello, Perfect condition. A great cable for HE1000V2, gives more transparency. This cable new is priced at 780€! Thanks for looking
  9. julien-hifi

    ***sold*** dignis blue patina sp1000

    here it is, sp1000 sold so this one has to go. Great case! Shipping not included.
  10. julien-hifi

    ***sold*** AK sp1000 onyx

    Hello, Am selling a A&K SP1000, like new, with 2 screen protectors. It comes with original box and accessorie, and also a Dignis blue case. i have the invoice, and is still under warranty. Shipping is on me, PP fees not included. Sending from EU, so no tax inside the EU ! 2200€ Some pictures.
  11. julien-hifi

    ***Sold*** Effect Audio Horus 4 wires, 2 pins, 2,5mm

    Hello, Sold my flamenco so this Effect audio Horus 4 wire needs to find a new home. I purchased it here last november : Here's a a picture: Note this cable sells new at 1800$...
  12. julien-hifi

    [FS] 2* cables DM-audio 2*3,5 (focal) / balanced 2.5 and jack 6.35

    Hi, I sell these 2 cables as i sold my Focal clear. They are then with Focal plugs (3,5mm) and terminated: - in 2.5 balanced, 120cm for the grey one - in 6.35 jack, 165 cm for the black one Both are made with litz, and more info can be found here on his website...
  13. julien-hifi

    [Sold] RWAK240+ (AK240 modded)

    Hello, I sell my Red Wine Audio AK240+ (+795$ from the original price), it's in excellent condition, and the battery holds very long. At the time it was sold new, the mod was 795$ in addition to the DAP, here were the prices: RWAK240 player: $2995 + shipping ($15 inside the USA, $55 outside...
  14. julien-hifi

    [Sold] Chord Hugo 2 black

    Hello, I am selling my chord hugo 2, in perfect condition, with all accessories and boxes. I include a great case, as seen in the pictures, which protects well the device. It was purshased in the UK in May 2017, and the warranty is 3 years. I have the invoice in case it's needed. Don't...
  15. julien-hifi

    *SOLD Toxic cable black widow for HD800S

    Hello, I am selling one mint 6ft Toxic cables for HD800, terminated 4pin XLR. Used only slightly. I sold my hd800s, so they have no more used for me. This cable takes 14 weeks to get, save yourself the wait :) Shipping everywhere, 24€ for USA, 12€ for EU.
  16. julien-hifi

    (Traded) Sennheiser hd800s 950€

    Hello, Am selling a nice pair of hd800s. I also have if needed a toxic cable black widow xlr4, (value new around 300€), I can sell for 200€ additional ..
  17. julien-hifi

    *SOLD* F/S Resonessence Herus+ dac/amp 220€

    Hello, I am selling this little performer. This is the official link: Original Price is 425usd. And here's a test: This is a great performer for its size, great for on the go, or...