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  1. herijgonzalez

    Stax SRM-D10 + Stax SR-L500

    Comes with boxes and paperwork. Images:
  2. herijgonzalez

    SOLD Astell&Kern AK240+ Focal Elear

    Looking to trade for a decent portable player with Tidal or a portable amp. AK240 comes with case only. Focal Elear comes with everything. Would love to trade for Woo Audio WA8/ Woo Audio WA 11. Can add cash. Will post pics later.
  3. herijgonzalez

    WTB Stax SRM-D10

    Looking for Stax SRM-D10. Let me know how much it'll cost me.
  4. herijgonzalez

    WTB AKG N90Q

    Looking for a akg n90q. Let me know what you have.
  5. herijgonzalez

    FOUND WTB Centrance Bluedac

    Looking to acquire a centrance bluedac.
  6. herijgonzalez

    WTB 2 Pin 2.5mm balanced cable

    Need one. Let me know what you got.
  7. herijgonzalez

    SOLD Chord Hugo 2 & Astell & Kern Sp1000M

    Selling Bundle for $3,150. Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Chord Hugo 2 comes with miter case, all accessories, box and cheap usb c cable. Astell&Kern Sp1000m comes with all box and accessories. Case has seen better days. All trades will be considered. Let me know what you have!
  8. herijgonzalez

    WTB Audeze LCD-1 & Sony MDR CD3000

    Looking to buy a pair of lcd-1 & Sony mdr cd3000. Let me know what it'll cost me.
  9. herijgonzalez

    Sold! Sennheiser HD800S

    Looking to trade for a closed back hp. Feel free to shoot me offers.
  10. herijgonzalez

    Astell&Kern A&Norma SR15 & Chord Hugo 2

    Looking to trade for Astell&Kern Sp1000. Tired of lugging both around.
  11. herijgonzalez

    (Pending Trade)Shure KSE1500

    Just not my cup of tea. Looking for trades for portable players/Dac/amps. Would love to trade for Chord Hugo 2.
  12. herijgonzalez

    FS/FT Sony Pha-3 & Audeze LCD-XC

    All come with boxes and accessories. Will include 4 pin xlr to dual 3.5mm balanced. Not sure what the value is, shoot me an offer. Will look at trades. Would consider all trades, also looking for a laptop, would trade both for a MacBook Pro or surface.
  13. herijgonzalez

    FT Pre-Fazor Audeze LCD-3 & Deckard

    Deckard includes box, usb cable and wall plug. LCD-3 prefazor includes balanced and 1/4 cable and travel case. Will consider all trades.
  14. herijgonzalez

    WTT Ipad Pro 9.7 & Chord Mojo

    Have grown increasingly frustrated with ios and its inability to work with mojo. Looking to move both in trade for Astell&Kern Kann. Chord Mojo recently has its battery replaced with George Meyer Av. Less than 20 minutes on new battery, comes with miter case to connect to iPhone. Ipad pro is...
  15. herijgonzalez

    Fiio X5iii & Audeze iSine 10 Bundle

    Looking to sell or trade my fiio X5iii 3rd gen. Dap comes with 2 200gb micro SD cards, box, cases, USB cable and stacking kit. Audeze iSine 10 had the cable modified by the original owner to trrs and put back to stock. Comes with box, carrying case, few unused eartips and pieces to wrap...
  16. herijgonzalez

    WTB Chord Hugo

    Looking for Chord Hugo. Let me know how much it'll cost me.
  17. herijgonzalez


  18. herijgonzalez

    WTB Fostex TH900

    Checking to see what's the lowest price to acquire a pair. Shoot me an offer.
  19. herijgonzalez

    Audeze LCD-3 Fazor

    Looking to trade my Audeze LCD-3 with plus sound cable and everything in the images. Returned from Audeze over a month ago for a driver defect, hence the driver warranty is renewed. Things I'm on the market for: Fostex TH-900 Denon D7000 Audeze El-8O AK240 Sony SA5000 Sennheiser HD800 Any Stax...
  20. herijgonzalez

    Norne cable for Audeze

    Hello, Want a norne cable for audeze headphones, if you have a one you're interested in selling, shoot me a PM.
  21. herijgonzalez

    IC: Verizon Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Titanium with 128gb sd card

    Not sure whether or not to keep this phone. Leaning towards keeping Iphone 6. Would consider any trades for headphones and or cash.
  22. herijgonzalez

    Mr Speakers Alpha Prime

    Hi, Looking to sell/trade hp. Comes with box, cable, stand and accessories. Price includes PayPal and shipping. Feel free to shoot me an offer.
  23. herijgonzalez

    RWAK100-S & Chord Mojo

    Hi, Looking to trade/sell my portable rig. Comes with two 128gb micro sd cards and sys concept cable. Both come with boxes and accessories. Feel free to shoot me offers.
  24. herijgonzalez

    Chord Hugo

    Looking to trade my Chord Hugo with case and lavrie Lightning to USB connector. Looking for a hi end headphone. Shoot me an offer. Comes with box and all accessories.
  25. herijgonzalez

    WTB Chord Hugo

    As the the title states, looking for a chord Hugo, shoot me an offer.