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  1. iemcamp

    FS: Sony mdr-ex1000

    I am selling Sony Ex1000 in very good condition. Package includes iems and cable. No original tips included. I would like to get 270 euro including paypal fees and shipping to Europe.
  2. iemcamp

    FS: Meze Empyrean/Audeze LCD 4 pin mini-XLR/2.5mm balanced cable

    I have this cable for sale Price is 160 euro including paypal fees and shipping to Europe.
  3. iemcamp

    WTB: Audeze LCD/Meze headphone cable 3.5/6.3mm

    Very interested to buy mini xlr 4pin cable terminated with 3.5 or 6.3mm jack. Will be using with Meze Empyrean, but I guess Audeze LCD cables have the same sockets.
  4. iemcamp

    [SOLD] U18t [mint]

    For sale almost new U18t, bought 12/2018 with Polish official distributor. Never used outside, new like package without only 1 pair of tips used. Pictures as needed. Paypal preferred.
  5. iemcamp

    [SOLD] CA Atlas

    Bought on 2018/10. Used for about 1.5 months. Mint condition. Pictures if there is an interest.