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  1. PleasantSounds

    foobar2000 and Dynamic DSP

    I’d like to draw attention of the f2k users to a rarely mentioned component that I recently grew very fond of.   I’m talking about the Dynamic DSP: it allows configuring the DSP chain for each track in the playlist, based on the metatags. I’m using it for the following purposes: Upsampling...
  2. PleasantSounds

    Highlights of 2015

    Albums with the 2015 timestamp started appearing, so let's have the ones we like listed here. This one is not bad at all:   Archive - Restriction
  3. PleasantSounds

    What happened to the time stamps?

    I just noticed that the time stamps in the forum thread lists don't take the time zone into account any more.  For example in the Computer Audio forum the top thread shows last post as "Today at 6:34 pm" while right now is 12:20 pm. Checked my settings and the time zone is still correct. 
  4. PleasantSounds

    Impact of vibrations?

    Yesterday I have attended a presentation where a high end CD player was standing on a normal table, and then moved to a special rack. With no other changes (and the remaining components including amplifier staying in the same location), this has affected the sound rendition. I'm not going to go...
  5. PleasantSounds

    Search is useless

    I'm frustrated with the current search functionality: if I specify more than one keyword, the results shown include either of them, not all of them. This makes it impossible to get through the thousands of messages in order to find the few that relate to what I'm interested in.