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  1. reddragon

    cleaning spray with my ibasso dx100

    One time I was cleaning the jacks on my ibasso dx100 with the electronic cleaning spray, the player got pretty cold. I want to ask, is there any adverse effect on the player?
  2. reddragon

    Can those of you who have heard Hifiman HE500 and Alpha Dog compare them?

    Can those of you who have heard or own (even better) Hifiman HE500 and Alpha Dog compare them in terms of sound? They are now priced exactly the same and I have always wanted to own a pair of HE500. Alpha Dog has no leakage and good isolation right? Is HE500 too heavy or is it still bareable? Do...
  3. reddragon

    how good are our ears exactly?

    most of us have better gears than the average person whos not into audio at all. however, how good are our ears? how fast do you think you can tell the difference in sound quality between a 10 dollars earbud and a good 300-500 dollars headphone if you are being blind tested? and we usually tend...
  4. reddragon

    laptop internal speakers

    is it me or do laptop internal speakers sound harsh? 
  5. reddragon

    good turntable that can rip vinyls to lossless digital

    any suggestion, anyone? price is unset for now but probably wont be too high, the turntable does not have to provide crazy good sound though it must have the ability to rip vinyls to lossless digital files because i will be doing my listening from my dap mostly. im eyeing the audio technica...
  6. reddragon

    way too expensive for a CD?

    i was looking up this band called bitter:sweet and i was thinking of purchasing a CD of the mating game album. the CD costs about ~50 bucks used and is selling on amazon new for ~500 bucks... What?  anyone knows why?
  7. reddragon

    fav mass effect female character

    what is your favorite mass effect female character? if shes in mass effect 3 and not in previous episodes, please leave your answer in the warning spoiler alert. i dont want to see it, it will ruin the game for me since im only on the second one. mine is ashley/miranda, then tali and then...
  8. reddragon

    is apple lossless real lossless?

    is apple lossless real lossless? i have been using apple lossless for quite some time, my music is usually in apple lossless. i always thought apple lossless is like flac but for apple devices. however, recently theres a guy in youtube claiming that apple lossless is not real lossless... his...
  9. reddragon

    early leica

    i know a lot of headfiers are also interested in photography and cameras. i personally am not a big fan of photography though my dad is. he saw a leica m3 in an antique shop and he said its in working condition, the shop priced it at 500 bucks and would be willing to throw in an extra lense...
  10. reddragon

    am i ripping my friend off?

    So my friend is currently using a crappy 2 dollars iems and he wants an upgrade. His source is a crappy phone. He said his iem budget is about $50. I told him I'm willing to sell my 1 year old etymotic research hf5 for $50 and will let him listen before he makes a decision. Its in perfect...
  11. reddragon

    fostex hp-p1 vs fiio e17 (amp section only)

    I have read that the fostex hp-p1's amp cannot drive high end cans that well but is the amp still better than the much cheaper fiio e17?
  12. reddragon

    my ears have become "sensitive", "vulnerable"?

    Beyerdynamic dt990 has become my main home phone for a while and people have said its harsh on the treble but I didn't have problem with it. However, recently I get ear fatigue very often. Today while listening to music (iTunes calls it jazz, I just call it female vocals) for half an hour on low...
  13. reddragon

    what is "cymbal"?

    so what exactly is "cymbal"?
  14. reddragon

    DAC for iPod

    Currently my portable rig is iPod Classic 160GB 7th Gen> (through FiiO L9 as LOD) FiiO E17 Alpen> Sony MDR-Z1000. I thought I would be using the Wolfson DAC in my E17 if I use a line out but no, the E17 is only a USB DAC so I am still using the Cirrus Logic built in soundcard. I bought the iPod...
  15. reddragon


    today i experienced a problem that i didnt have before. it used to work but not it doesnt. all i had to do was to connect my fiio e17 to my computer and plugged something in the headphone jack of the e17 and it automatically overrides the laptop speakers and the dual headphone jacks and plays...
  16. reddragon

    pioneer se m390 vs beyerdynamic dt990

    did very little listening but the m390 despite the big difference in price seems to match or at least comes close to the dt990 in performance. so are my ears bad or is the m390 just a very good deal? 
  17. reddragon

    fiio e17 for ipod

    so i use the L9 to connect my ipod to the aux port of the fiio e17, question is, is my e17 just an amp for my ipod or is it also a dac?
  18. reddragon

    beats are actually an upgrade for some people?

    my friend and i were talking today and we somehow got into the conversation of audio. he said he wants a pair of beats, i asked why and surprisingly his reason was not to look cool but he said his friend had a pair of beats and he listened to them and to him they sounded really clear. he said...
  19. reddragon

    muffled, veiled, and muddy

    essentially the same meaning right?
  20. reddragon

    dak in ear monitors?     anyone has these? are these any good?
  21. reddragon

    $10 Dealextreme Fake Beats Solo impression

          This is how the "b" looks. Some people worry it is a "6". You can judge on your own if it looks more like a b or a 6.        It does not have the "beats by dre" written on the outside of the headband like the real ones do.            The cable is 2 sided...
  22. reddragon

    Best 10 dollars earbuds?

    I tested 4 earbuds that are inside the 10 dollars price range, Panasonic RP-HV152, Sony MDR-E10LP, Sony MDR-E818LP, Philips SHE2640. Sony MDR-E818LP is by far the best out of all 4. I think it is well worth the price and the sound quality can rival low end in ears. Is it the best 10 dollar...
  23. reddragon


    i know some headphones sound faster than others but a second in the song is still a second, how can some headphones sound faster than others?
  24. reddragon

    much hate about bose?

    can someone please explain to me why audiophiles dislike bose in general? i personally enjoy listening to them. i do not own any bose headphone but i have listened to bose quietcomfort 15 in best buy and to me they sound pretty decent. 
  25. reddragon

    "imaging" or placebo?

    i am pretty sure when i put on my headphones, a lot of times music sounds differently between my right ear and my left ear. is this what imaging is? like maybe lets say the beats are on the left side and the little details are on my right, something like that. my friend, however listened to the...