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  1. Bart147

    Ibasso IT01S SOLD !

    For sale : Ibasso IT01S with oxidized cable for replacement parts : left side works perfectly , connection on right side no longer works . Complete with box and full set of accessories . Shipping within Europe is not included , please ask for a quote.
  2. Bart147

    Leaonidas II cable (4.4mm 2pin ) sold

    For sale due to upgrade to Fibae 7 : Leonidas II cable with 4.4mm and 2pin terminations in mint condition but has has a slight memory effect going (see pictures) . Everything comes with original box + accessories + invoice , I'm second owner. Pick up and testing is possible at my home , I'll...
  3. Bart147

    CA Solaris SOLD !

    A new year , a new earphone... In order to fund my next purchase ( Fibae 7 ) I put my CA Solaris up for sale. Bought on 23/8/2019 via Ebay , invoice will be included in package . The Solaris is in mint condition , no scratches or blemishes , all unused accessories are included minus the medium...
  4. Bart147

    Ifi retro 50 tube amplifier SOLD

    For sale due to the purchase of the Quad Vena II : Ifi retro 50 tube amplifier in mint condition. I'm first owner , it comes with box and all accessories . Shipment within Europe is possible but i prefer local pick up after a listening session on my KEF LS50 .
  5. Bart147

    FS: Vsonic gr07x sold

    For sale : Vsonic GR07x in very good condition , left nozzle can be pulled off when replacing comply tips . The nozzle sits tight again after replacement of ear tip , this has no effect on sound quality wich is still superb . Invoice dated 8/6/2017 from headphoniaks included in box with full set...
  6. Bart147

    Warbler Prelude CIEM SOLD

    Short history : I received these wonderful sounding custom IEM's on june 10th 2018. Unfortunately a channel inbalance occured after a few weeks of use so I sent them back for repair along with an intermittent stock cable . A couple of weeks ago i got the Prelude back in fully functional...
  7. Bart147

    mint FLC8n SOLD

    For sale : FLC8n in mint condition , i'm second owner . I bought it two weeks ago via ebay but sadly it's not my taste . No invoice available , otherwise all accessories are present . Shipment to Europe only , PM me for a quote but generally is 17 euro , PayPal fees are included . NO...
  8. Bart147

    Advanced Sound GT3 BNIB + Vsonic Gr07x in VGC (Ruizu A50 bonus)

    After a fun CanJam London it's time to let some gear go : I was the winner of the Advanced Sound raffle , my price : their GT3 . Since i'm happy with their M4 as a companion to the Shanling M0 i'm selling the GT3 . The unit is BNIB , i opened the box only to take a picture. Asking price : 100...
  9. Bart147

    EA Ares II+ SOLD

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    Sold - please close

    please close
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    FS : please close

    please close
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    For sale : Cowon Plenue S in perfect working order , only bested slightly in SQ by my QP2R . Reason for selling : i can't justify 2 TOTL DAPs with my Opus#1 serving as back up. Appearance : near mint other than tiny nick in bottom corner (see picture) . Cowon TRRS adapter 3,5 mm balanced male...
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  15. Bart147

    sony zx-100 SOLD !

    Sold !
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    i haven't found the delete button , sorry ...
  17. Bart147

    sony zx-100 128gB version

    For sale : sony zx-100 in perfect working condition but visible wear marks . No box or invoice available , which is how i bought it 2 weeks ago. Testing & collection is possible at my home , Gent or Brussel (in the weekend) . Proof of trader feedback : i have a perfect record on...