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  1. blessingx

    FS: 2x Light Harmonic Geek Pulse Xfi & LPS

    As the year plus Light Harmonic Pulse campaign is coming to an end it's many changes sometimes swung it towards my expected use long ago and sometimes the opposite. Lately unfortunately the latter, so placing my 2 Geek Pulse Xfi & LPSs for sale. I've received the two LPSs, but not yet the Xfis...
  2. blessingx

    Beautiful Balanced Beta22 (B22)

    Up for sale is this one of a kind Beta22/Sigma22 in a custom wooden case - the greatest looking piece of audio gear I've ever owned. This is a balanced only configuration with a 4-pin out. It has the JoshuaTree attenuator from Twisted Pear Audio. If paying by PayPal I ask you cover that. Will...
  3. blessingx

    JH3A Cables

    Ugh. Wrong forum. One of these years I'll learn.
  4. blessingx

    iPad (or iPad 2) and 24-bit files

      If my memory serves, at one point it was pretty clear the iPad supported only files up to 16/48. Both in file load and USB digital out (w/camera kit). The iOS FLAC Player allowed 24/192 (they then backed specs to 24/96) load and playback, but was still hardware limited at digital output. ...
  5. blessingx

    Locus Design Group Axis USB Cable

    SOLDI won an Axis USB cable at CanJam 09, which was great, except since then my USB DACs have always had mini or micro inputs, not connector B-type like this cable. Its never been used (except once to test it working with an external drive). I now need to pick up a couple sets of interconnects...
  6. blessingx

    UE 10vi

    SOLD. Rarely used (received within a couple weeks of getting JH13) and figured it's time to let. This is the vi version with mic. Comes with original box and shell case, extension, airplane adapter (I think that's what it is) and silicon tips.    Let me know if you have any questions. 
  7. blessingx

    LCD2 + extras

      SOLD. Late 2010 version (forward & angled cable entry receptacles) with the wooden case and care kit. Both stock & ADZ-5 cables included. What may make this a little different than other LCD2 sales is you get some replacement parts. Audeze sent out new metal blocks to replace the plastic...
  8. blessingx

    Pico DAC/amp

      Thinnin' the heard.    Headamp Pico DAC/amp $390 shipped. SOLD. Battery replaced not long ago. Not used much since. Silver front/back and black case. Leather, AC, manual. Great condition and original owner.   Photos upside down and blurry, cause that's how my phone rolls.    ...
  9. blessingx

    Pico DAC/amp

      Thinnin' the heard.    Headamp Pico DAC/amp $390 shipped. SOLD. Battery replaced not long ago. Not used much since. Silver front/back and black case. Leather, AC, manual. Great condition and original owner.   Photos upside down and blurry, cause that's how my phone rolls.    ...
  10. blessingx

    AKG K701 & K340

      Thinnin' the heard.    AKG K701 $190 shipped. Phones only. SOLD AKG K340 stock $175 shipped. Phones and bag, but no box. SOLD I picked these up used and selling for what I paid.    Shipping domestic.     Photos upside down, cause that's how my phone rolls.  ...
  11. blessingx

    Single Power Extreme Platinum amp/preamp

      SOLD Up for sale is my three year old Single Power Extreme Platinum headphone amplifier. This is an upgraded transformer model, with preamp outs (rare on the Extreme). I am the original owner. For those unfamiliar, Single Power was once one of the most respected and desired headphone...
  12. blessingx

    DA10 v. DA11 manual lock setting?

    As a previous DA10 owner, even if not 'correct,' I occasionally preferred the sound of 44.1 tracks when the DA10 was toggled to PLL wide lock mode (and upsampled elsewhere). Have looked at the DA11 in photos and read the user manual and confused if this manual mode setting is still available on...
  13. blessingx


    CB1990 bought a DAC from me. Good transaction all around. Recommended.
  14. blessingx

    Another sign of the economy: The Onion has been sold

    The Onion - America's Finest News Source
  15. blessingx

    Daily sale: Archos 5 120GB Refurb Internet Media Tablet for $195

    In case anyone is interested in an iPhone/touch alternative (with more space)... Daily Deals at Yugly Prices -
  16. blessingx

    Now that Head-Fi is on Twitter

    Okay, there have been a few threads in this forum on Twitter, seemingly either ending quickly, people posting their negative impressions as a substitute to email, RSS or IM, the sad state of communication and attention span charges, the ugly celebrity nature of the recent push or the old...
  17. blessingx

    Ran Blake's "Driftwoods"

    Jazz, or even simply piano, fans might be interested in this Kevin Whitehead audio review of Ran Blakes newest: Ran Blake: Ghosts In The Piano : NPR Music. I ordered immediately.
  18. blessingx


    Has been discussed earlier and it will be interesting to see if this is confirmed, but if you use Last.FM it's worth continuing to follow this story. Deny This,
  19. blessingx

    Sale: MEIZU 2GB MiniPlayer for $25

    After rebate anyway. Thought someone here might be looking for a cheap player for a gift. Certainly a decent choice at that price. Dane-Elec MEIZU MiniPlayer 2GB MP3 Player $25 -
  20. blessingx

    FS: STAX SRM-1/MK2 & Lambda Pros / 5NB Golds (photos added)

    Up for sale are the following. Time to clear out a bit of my gear. Electrostatics Stax SRM-1/MKII Professional / SR-Lambda Professionals SOLD Stax 5 NB Golds SOLD Orthodynamics Orthodome II SOLD.
  21. blessingx

    iPhone 3G Line-Out Adapter List

    Search hasn't revealed an iPhone (and likely in most cases 2G touch) compatible line-out adapter list. If one is available please point me to it. Otherwise, I thought I'd start one here. So far I've found: Apple iPhone 3G Dock $29 PocketDock Line Out USB $29 (newest models only...
  22. blessingx

    Cheap USB to optical besides TBAAM?

    Any other cheap USB to toslink adapters I should consider besides Turtle Beach? Would love to keep below $50 if possible (unless feature warrants up to $100). Thanks.
  23. blessingx

    Squeezeboxes (individuals) for sale

    I am now selling these individually after not finding a buyer for the set. Posting here first before moving over to the other site. Up for sale are three Squeezebox 3s (now Squeezebox Classics). Two are white (black/silver fronts) and one is all black. Can't find a scratch on them. All were...