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  1. Fatsosixsixsix

    Campfire Audio Andromeda IEM [EU] (Price Drop) [SOLD]

    Hi all, Looking to sell my beloved CA Andromeda. I bought these at the end of May 2017 directly from Campfire Audio brand new (not B-stock) and have listened to them daily at work (100+ hours), however I am now looking to upgrade to the Solaris which according to people's impressions packs a...
  2. Fatsosixsixsix

    Looking to replace IEM, budget up to around £700

    Bought a pair of Sennheiser IE7 back in 2011 and they're still faithfully serving me to this day. I've been quite impressed they've lasted this long, but I've since upgraded my home audio equipment to a Woo Audio 6 + HD600 so I'm looking to bring my IEMs up to speed as well now.   I like the...
  3. Fatsosixsixsix

    New to the amp world, what desktop amp for a pair of Sony MDR Z7?

    I can't make a decision as to what desktop amp to get, looking around on the internet the amps recommended by people seem to be in particular different ones by Schiit.   I'm looking to spend around <£200, don't mind pushing it a bit more if it's really worth it as I would really like to get...
  4. Fatsosixsixsix

    Considering replacing my IEM

    I bought a pair of Shure E3 a couple years ago, they've served me well but the connection on the right earphone is starting to mess up and so unless the cable's in a certain position, the sound cuts out completely on the right earphone.   I've been meaning to upgrade for a while, and was...
  5. Fatsosixsixsix

    Replacing output socket of iBasso D2 amp

    Basically my output socket on my iBasso D2 (the first type, not the D2+) came loose so it wasn't outputting sound properly (it only played through 1 headphone and eventually became worse) and I tried to send my amp back to them for repairs (back at the end of January) but no one picked it up so...
  6. Fatsosixsixsix

    Any method of "securing" the Vision M's dongle?

    I have a creative zen vision m, and that basically already have a direct line out socket in the dongle that comes with it, hence i haven't purchased a special cable (saving me money ) The only problem I'm having with this is the fact that it comes off extremely easily, which is annoying because...