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  1. jibzilla

    PRICE DROP Apex Sangaku

    Wonderful little headphone/preamp. Practically new. Thanks for looking
  2. jibzilla

    Focal Elear with upgraded cable

    Up for sale are my focal elears which are in mint condition and include a btg audio project sunrise cable. The cable is a 8ft. round braid with a viablue 1/4" TRS. A $250 value free. Thanks for looking.
  3. jibzilla

    LAST Price Drop! ECP DSHA-4 / Ravenswood

    Dare I say it, one of the finest SS dynamic headphone/preamp to ever grace these for sale forums. Utopia, hd800, active speaker owners welcome to nirvana. I paid $5400 for the following $3600 for the headphone amp, $400 A-core transformer upgrade, $1200 preamp module, $200 for extra rca and xlr...
  4. jibzilla

    Mjolnir kgsshv PRICE DROP!

    A big boy toy. Full size 500v. Original owner. Owned for 6 months. Paid $3200 with shipping. Sell for $2300 with shipping and paypal included.
  5. jibzilla

    Stax sr-007mk1 (71xxx) PRICE DROP!

    Up for sale are my sr-007mk1. I'm not the original owner but they are in great condition.
  6. jibzilla

    Metrum Pavane LAST PRICE DROP!

    Mac user preferred. Great dac at a great price.
  7. jibzilla

    Auralic ark mx+

    Great dac at a great price. Thanks for reading
  8. jibzilla

    Audeze Lcd-X

    For sale my Lcd-X from 2013. Awesome headphone that has been in my stable for a while now. Comes with stock SE cable and an upgraded 4pin xlr cable from btg audio. It is a 8ft. round braid project sunrise cable. Thanks for reading.
  9. jibzilla

    Headphone Bonanza (PRICE DROP!)

    I ended up going in a different direction so my loss is your gain. No pets, no kids, light smoker. If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke these may not be the products for you.   Apex peak/volcano. Can throw in a 5 pack of 6sn7 tubes for only $100. Only $1199. PRICE DROP: $1099 Original owner...
  10. jibzilla

    Airbow sr-sc-11

    So not much has been written on this headphone other than a small 2 page thread that ended quite some time ago and that was the sr-sc-21. It has been out for a while now but a decent risk to take at $800 shipped from pricejapan so I can def. see why. I ended up taking the risk a year ago and put...
  11. jibzilla

    St.Louis Meet Impressions

    First I would like to thank jds labs for hosting what I thought was a wonderful event. Not just my first head-fi event but my first hifi event ever... so yah thank you big time. Second my name is James and I had the only TT setup and I'm horrible with names so please forgive me if I do not...
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    Audeze parts

  13. jibzilla

    Rudistor rpx-35

  14. jibzilla

    SHURE 1840

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    Woo GES

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    STAX!!! Price drop

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    Akg annies for sale price drop

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    pro 900 and aha-120

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