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  1. J-Pak

    WTB: Andrea Lucchesini Beethoven cycle

    I'm looking to buy Andrea Lucchesini's Beethoven cycle, please send me a message if you have this CD box for sale. Anywhere in the world is fine, thanks! Edit: offering $320, really would like to hear this exceptional cycle!
  2. J-Pak

    FS: Tribute moving coil SUT nanocrystalline toroid (1:10/20)

    Selling a pair (2 transformers) of unused Tribute moving coil step up transformers that can be set for either 1:10 or 1:20. These are wound on a toroid nanocrystalline core for the utmost transparency. These are in my opinion the best SUT ever made :) Pieter is no longer winding transformers for...
  3. J-Pak

    withdrawn temporarily

    going to withdraw this sale. I realize most people probably want a plug and play transformer set not one that has to be soldered/loose transformers. Will update this afterward.
  4. J-Pak

    Guerrilla Audio copper cables, Eichmann Bullet connectors

    This company was an AK sponsor a long time ago, I think they are some pretty nice sounding cables. And they come with high quality Eichmann Bullet copper RCA connectors. The wire is a high purity copper. Total length of 1 meter. There are some scuffs on the rubber jackets over the connectors and...
  5. J-Pak

    Nottingham Spacedeck, Space tonearm, Sound-Smith cartridge

    This is sold   I’m selling my Nottingham Spacedeck, I’ve owned this for a while and it was by far one of the best TT I had heard under $2500 (see a Scout I sold in my feedback). This is a high mass platter design that gives some “meat” or foundation to the music. The first review that comes up...
  6. J-Pak

    Tribute MC (moving coil) step up transformers, nanocrystaline Finemet core

    Sold   Asking $2300 plus shipping OBO.   Selling a pair of Tribute nanocrystaline Finemet core step up transformers wound on a toroid core. I have a pair of these I am using and they are in my opinion the best SUT ever made, they replaced silver S&B TX103. Finemet is the finest core...
  7. J-Pak

    Stevie Ray Vaughan - Texas Hurricane SACD box (Analogue Productions)

    Brand new sealed in shrink wrap Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble Texas Hurricane SACD box set. All of his studio albums remastered from the master tapes. Reissue put out by Analogue Productions.   Limited edition number 786, stamped in gold foil on the box.   Buyer to pay shipping, I...
  8. J-Pak

    Stax SR-Sigma headphones (one side- no sound)

    Up for sale are Stax SR-Sigma normal bias headphones. PLEASE NOTE: One side does not produce sound. I am not sure if this is a cable issue, driver issue or a loose solder joint. The headphones were working fine then one time when I went to listen to them there was no sound from one side...
  9. J-Pak

    Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive Pro

    I'm selling a Behringer DCX2496 which is in excellent condition all around, ie still has the original plastic covering on the LCD screen, LEDs etc.   Comes with the original box, manuals, all paperwork, etc. Will be double boxed for shipping.   All around this is a really versatile unit ie a...
  10. J-Pak

    Stax SR-303 headphones

    For sale are Stax SR-303 headphones in excellent condition from Yamas (Stax USA). Comes with the original box, packing material.   Headphones are sold.
  11. J-Pak

    6F8G tubes

    rest withdrawn.
  12. J-Pak

    Lowther PM5a or PM6a

    I am looking to purchase a gently used pair of Lowther PM5a or PM6a drivers. Please message if you have a set you are looking to sell. Thank you.
  13. J-Pak

    Hakko FX-888D question

    Hi   Can anyone tell me if the 900M series of tips (ie 900M-T-3.2D) will work with the FX-888D?   Hakko's website recommends the T18 series. I've tried contacting numerous sellers in China asking if the 900M series will work with the FX888, but never receive a response. My educated guess is...
  14. J-Pak

    Pass Labs Aleph P preamp

    Up for sale is a Pass Labs Aleph P preamp (non-remote). One of the finest preamps I've heard; great detail, soundstage and imaging. Overall condition is excellent, except for some discoloration on the top panels where some feet from another component used to rest. Otherwise the panels are pitch...
  15. J-Pak

    Eddie Current Balancing Act

    For sale is an Eddie Current Balancing Act in excellent condition. Comes with the amplifier, power supply, umbilical cord, and original box and packing material. I'm the second owner of the amp.   The amp uses 307a tubes on the output and single 6SN7 driver.   I'm including 3 pairs of 307a...
  16. J-Pak

    Stax SR-Sigma, SR-303

    temporarily withdrawn from sale.
  17. J-Pak

    Lenco L75 turntable

    Up for sale is a Lenco L75 in very nice condition. A conservative 6/10 on the Audiogon scale. I purchased this from a member of Lenco Heaven and it is in perfect working condition. The one flaw is there is a crack in one of the dust cover hinges. The dust cover (smoked brown color) also has lots...
  18. J-Pak

    Lavry DA10 DAC

    I'm selling a mint condition Lavry DA10 DAC. Truly an outstanding sounding DAC with a great headphone amp built in. I've used the 1/4" headphone connector with my HD800 with great success. And in the past have driven my HD650 balanced, out of the balanced outputs on the back which sounded...
  19. J-Pak


    I got another hd650, so keeping the cable. thanks
  20. J-Pak

    Stax SRE-725 extension (2.5 M) and teflon Stax connector

    For sale:   1) Stax SRE-725 extension cable. 2.5 meters, black color. Excellent condition, IMO a must have to prevent strain on the connectors that enter the headphones. SOLD   2) 5-pin Pro teflon jack for DIY amplifiers. Using Kevin Gilmore's original mounting dimensions. New, never...
  21. J-Pak


  22. J-Pak


    Selling an Adcom GFA-5800 power amp in very nice condition, a solid 8/10 on the Audiogon scale. This is pure class A up to 50 watts, designed by Nelson Pass. It drove my Maggies and Quads very nicely. The amp sounds wonderful.   Shipping is actually not that expensive within the USA. I do...
  23. J-Pak

    Behringer DCX2496

    I'm looking for a Behringer DCX2496, if you have one you're looking to sell please send me a message. US/Canada only. Thanks!   edit: found thanks!
  24. J-Pak

    Moon Audio Blue Dragon v3 for Sennheiser HD800, balanced and unbalanced

    Up for sale is a Moon Audio Blue Dragon v3 cable for the Sennheiser HD800. Cable is in all around excellent condition. This is the newest version of the BD with the flexible cable and "Blue Dragon" printed along the cable (not the older stiff techflex version).   It is terminated to a male...
  25. J-Pak

    Sennheiser HD650 (like new)

    I purchased these from Headroom and used them less than an hour. I listened to them and decided it's not worth keeping since I have an HD800.   This is the latest version with silver screens.   They are in like new condition except for a pin size paint chip on the headband.   Comes...