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  1. Carlsan

    Sony WM1A NW-WM1A walkman music player

    Selling a gently used Sony NWA1A player. No defects, plays fine, battery is fine. Comes in the original Sony packaging, and includes: 1. Benks Flexible soft TPU protective case cover for the NW-WM1A 2. 1 unused Tempered glass protective film for the screen (1 attached, 1 unused). 3.128 GB...
  2. Carlsan

    Looking for a Sony Walkman NW-WM1A - FOUND

    Looking for a used Sony Walkman NW-WM1A in like new condition. Willing to pay ..., as the ebay used/refurbished price seems to be as low as ... and averaging around .... Let me know if you want a quick sale and some quick funds for your Sony Walkman NW-WM1A. Don't need any extras such as...
  3. Carlsan

    AKG N5005 Like new - in original box, all Accessories included - accepting trades - see listing info PRICE DROP

    Selling my pair of AKG N5005 bought new a few months ago. Used them for a few hours but they never got the attention needed as I have too many earphones and lately the CA Solaris and Atlas have been receiving most of my attention. Also accepting trades - looking for a Hifiman Ananada or Edition...
  4. Carlsan

    Unique Melody MASON - 12 driver earphone that came out for Japanese market -accepting BEST OFFER

    Selling a used pair of the original MASON. This is a 12 driver earphone that came out for the Japanese market. These come with the round circular earphone holder, the regular cable, plus a balanced cable. Also includes an extra earphone case and some tips. Photos include everything you will get...
  5. Carlsan

    Trinity DELTA - Brand new in box, sealed, never used

    Selling a new pair of Trinity Delta These were never used and brand new. Retail box is sealed. Asking $99. Shipping is free within the states, but at cost for international delivery.. Paypal fees are for buyer.
  6. Carlsan

    Trinity ATLAS - Brand new in box, sealed, never used

    Selling a new pair of Trinity Atlas. These were never used and brand new. Retail box is sealed. Asking $125. Shipping is free within the states, but at cost for international delivery.. Paypal fees are for buyer.
  7. Carlsan

    Empire Ears Athena-VIII PRICE DROP

    The original version of the Empire Ears Athena-VIII, which were an update to the highly regarded update EarWerkz Legend Remastered. These are non-adel. I am selling the Universal, in it's 8 driver glory. Duel Lows, Triple Mids, Triple Highs. Athena-VIII – $1299 (original price) Price Drop...
  8. Carlsan

    Noble Audio balanced cable

    Noble Audio just released a balanced version of their cables. Selling for $50. Thoughts, comparisons, review?
  9. Carlsan

    Amp 2 for DX200 for sale - iBasso AMP2

    Barely used, tried for a few hours, decided that for my purposes Amp 1 was better. Asking $150, which includes shipping and fees within US. bought brand new from IBasso. Willing to ship overseas but with added international shipping charges. Pictures available upon request, but really, it...
  10. Carlsan

    Astell&Kern AK120II

    Bought this back in 2014, and used extensively for many years. Selling as I don't use it much anymore, still works as if bought yesterday. Battery life is still great, probably around 8 hours but I haven't tested it lately. FYI, latest firmware now includes Tidal streaming. The screen saver...
  11. Carlsan

    Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation Audiophile Headphone - like new

    Bought these in like new condition from a Canadian seller back in April. Seller told me that they were brand new, and just opened to check contents. Months later I have yet to use them outside of maybe three or four hours. I had intended to use them at work, but found myself using my in-ears...
  12. Carlsan

    2.5mm Balanced Male to 3.5mm Stereo Female - why would this be bad

    This is a  question for cable or DAP experts, I have read that a 2.5mm Balanced Male to a 3.5mm Stereo Female adaptor - used with a non-balanced cable, is a bad idea. Can this be explained. I get that the balanced is a 4 pole connection, while the regular connection is different (not sure how...
  13. Carlsan

    ONKYO DP-X1 -

    Sorry, no longer being offered.
  14. Carlsan

    AKG Pro Audio K812PRO Superior Reference Headphone SOLD

    These have been lightly used, bought from RazorDog in July 2014. These look and sound fine. Complete with original box, cable, and stand, as per photos.   Shipping is free to US buyers, at cost for international buyers.   Thanks for looking at my sale.
  15. Carlsan

    Audeze original LCD-2 SOLD

    My original LCD-2's were bought directly from Audeze back in  Mar. 2011. I enjoyed these so much that they led me to later buy the LCD-3's and XC's but they have not had much use for the last few years. I was always impressed by the bass and sub-bass on these, simply amazing.   LCD-2's are in...
  16. Carlsan

    AudioQuest - Nighthawk Headphones SOLD

    Lightly used pair of AudioQuest  Nighthawk Headphones. Pair come as per the images, in like new condition. I am the second owner, bought them here on the forums. They sound fine but they don't get much use as I use other more expensive headphones  for my evening listening or earphones on the...
  17. Carlsan

    New and unused iBasso Audio D-ZERO MK2 (Dual WM8740) sold

    Brand new and unused. Received these as part of a sale for a much more expensive pair of headphones. Never opened or used.   iBasso Audio D-ZERO MK2  (Dual WM8740) Heaphpone Amphlifier : Includes iBasso D-ZeroMK2 Headphone Amp, Carrying Pouch, USB cable, 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect, OTG...
  18. Carlsan

    NuForce Primo 8 SOLD

    Bought these essentially new off of the classifieds here back in Sept 2014. They never did see much use as I was never happy with the fit, my ears are hard to fit (even with customs).   What you get is in the photo's, including some spare tips.   For US buyers, shipping is on me, otherwise...
  19. Carlsan

    Sennheiser IE 800 ie800 - verified authentic - Price drop

    IE800, bought these at the end of 2013, before the fakes started to hit the market.   Anyway, I have used these on and off, but never as my main earphone, as I was never happy at how they fit my ears.     Included is the box and all accessories, including a full set of unused eartips...
  20. Carlsan

    TRINITY TECHNE in-ear monitor with changeable tuning filters - Brand new SOLD

    Brand new and never used, sealed in box. Image is stock, not mine. Shipping is on me for US buyers but international buyers will have to pay full shipping fee.   Paypal fees are up to the buyer.
  21. Carlsan

    Trinity Hyperion - unopened box - brand new SOLD

    In box, never used, never opened. Image is of stock earphone, not my picture.   Price includes shipping to US. International pay extra. Paypal fees are up to the buyer. thanks.
  22. Carlsan

    Sony NW-ZX1 128GB Digital Media player SOLD

    Sony NW-ZX1 128GB Digital Media player   & Sony PHA-2 DAC/AMP (SOLD) Selling both of these for a combined price.  Willing to sell each item by itself if interested, let me know.    I've had these a few years, and used the NW-ZX1 as my main player for at least a year, until it was replaced...
  23. Carlsan

    Westone UM Pro 50-- SOLD

    Like new  Westone UM Pro 50. Originally bought off of Amazon a year or so ago but I rarely used them.   Come complete as per photos, with bag of unused tips, storage case, and original box.     Selling as I need to raise some cash to cover some recent purchases.   Shipping is on me for...
  24. Carlsan

    Jerry Harvey Audio Sirens Series Roxanne Universal IEM SOLD

    Lightly used Roxanne's for sale. These are in great condition, spending most of the time that I have owned them in their case. There are no scratches or obvious defects on these and they sound as good as when I first got these.   Selling as I could you the cash to cover some other recent...
  25. Carlsan

    Modified AK100 (like RWAK100 but better) - sold

    Selling a modified AK100. Tested battery life is about 14 hours of continuous play. This unit was modified in Japan, with a service similar to the RWAK100 service. Like that service, the 22 Ohm resister is removed. Unlike the service, the coupling capacitor is upgraded to the nichicon F95...