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  1. K.I. Unlimited

    UE18+ soldering issue?

    While waiting for the UE customer support's reply, I would like to check with folks here if this looks like a manufacturing defect. First and 2nd pic belong to left IEM, 3rd belongs to right. As you can see the black-ish part are on opposite sides.
  2. K.I. Unlimited

    W1000Z head band issue/fix/mod

    It doesn't look like this pair of cans are well-loved these days. But anyway, Does anyone know of a way I can get more clamp permanently? The music from these would be perfect if they had better seal.
  3. K.I. Unlimited

    Musical Paradise MP-D1 - truly musical tubey smoothness

    A brief search did not turn up any dedicated threads (only a sales thread, 1 thread for MP-D2) so here I am. I chanced upon this magic last month while selecting a DAC to replace my cheap old GoVibe DAC. As I didn't try anything with tubes in it before, I decided to give it a try (I was...
  4. K.I. Unlimited


    No thanks to USPS for nearly messing the postage...but seller of HFI780's was very helpful in ensuring I got the item.   Thanks!
  5. K.I. Unlimited

    WTS: EM1-iFI

    Thread reopened.   I'm asking for $270, nego. Comes with:   EarSonics box w/ foam Double-sided cleaning tool - brush and loop Plus the instruction manuals and such (in French and some other language), alcohol cleaning pads that came together with the whole package.
  6. K.I. Unlimited

    How are the ATH-A700's and those in the series?

    I recently bought one 2nd-hand. Interestingly enough I find the sound more 'natural' compared to my ESW9's. It also has better decay. The circumaural design is a plus too, I'm beginning to loathe supra-aural pressure on my pinna more and more now.   I also found these to be the first pair of...
  7. K.I. Unlimited

    What's with

    With all due respect, it's nice to have people trying to use the concrete and logical, scientific experiments' in an attempt to make sense of audio as doctors make sense of influenza.   But with their 'reviews' purely hardware work and dissing any kind of listening, I seriously don't think...
  8. K.I. Unlimited

    A headphone that has the resolution/quality of SGD2k speakers?

    Well, I went to this local shop to buy one of Fiona Joy Hawkin's albums.   Then I heard the pair of speakers inside the shop playing beautiful guitar music apparently most of the shops in the mall was selling the same "recommended audiophile album of the month/season" titled "Rock Wave".  ...
  9. K.I. Unlimited

    One thing I see about ESW9's...

    Somehow they seem to be getting sold off more frequently these days. Every headphone forum, local or overseas.   Maybe they're not really keepers after all...   I used to think the ESW9 will be one of my true loves, but in the end, I started having more complains with the supra-aural...
  10. K.I. Unlimited

    iMod/diyMod LODs: Blackgates NX-Q or Elna RFS Silmic II caps?

    I have briefly listened to two TWCu LODs with each caps from a DIYer. I'm not sure if the BG caps are burnt in fully because I couldn't tell much difference from a stock TWCu LOD, except that the sound is warmer.   My LOD currently uses the Elna Silmic II caps. It appears that they seem to...
  11. K.I. Unlimited

    Getting excited about my EM1-iFI's...

    I think I'll set this thread up for the brief comparison between this and my previous-toted Livewires Trips.   After 9 days of waiting my order is finally being processed (ear impressions finally reached EarSonics!)...can't wait till Mr. Franck Lopez works his magic    (Don't get alarmed...
  12. K.I. Unlimited

    Ear impressions via airmail...

    Hi, to those that have did customs, especially those that own 2 pairs or more.   What is the failure rate of sending your ear impressions over? This is my first time sending ear impressions without a middleman (for EM1-iFI) and due to cost I resorted to non-express/courier, non-bulk...
  13. K.I. Unlimited

    Haha, anyone else noticed your display pictures...

    Have changed? Maybe it's been done for a very long time, I don't know.   But I find it interesting that while I don't own a pair of PS1000's, here they are sitting on my DP now. And one person I was making a deal with had UE customs.   Lol.   Who knows, maybe I'll actually get a pair...
  14. K.I. Unlimited

    Any comparisons of EM1 iFI vs. JH5?

    Essentially even after getting rid of my Livewire's, I will be running blind going for the next level of customs.   I've done quick read-ups on both; however there is a great lack of good/detailed reviews on both of them. So before I go for it, I would like to know whether I would remotely...
  15. K.I. Unlimited

    Graham Slee Voyager : The End of Audio Voyage?(Appreciation Thread)

    Because I couldn't edit the title for my previous thread ( no matter how hard I tried, I felt I should make a new thread to unite all Voyager lovers.   I hardly visited head-fi since months ago, partly due to the fact that I was...
  16. K.I. Unlimited

    FS : Livewires 3/Trips

    I rate the condition about 7-8/10, cleaned often with swabs and the given cleaner. Wires a little green due to natural oxidation, but sound is unaffected. The memory wire came loose on the driver end but still functional, you can cut it off afterwards if you want to.   You will have to do...
  17. K.I. Unlimited

    Portable amps that are "good across the board"?

    I hope I am not asking a lame question here. Is there any amp one would recommend that could do the 'magic' cross-genre, from classical, jazz to trance, and even to heavy metal? And would be a really good combination with anything you'll pair with it; not only synergistic with "particular...
  18. K.I. Unlimited

    ...Hey, what's going on with conflicting statements about what Jerry Harvey said about IEMs "burn in"?

    Well it's regarding what audio meister Mr. Jerry Harvey said about changes to sound of IEMs (specifically customs) after they were used for some time (i.e. had music played through them). There have been people who say and support the "pro-burn" view, and just as many who say and support the...
  19. K.I. Unlimited

    Livewire - Voyager pairup?

    Do they sound good together?
  20. K.I. Unlimited

    One question about low-level, entry-level audio equipment, etc etc

    About the four levels - low/entry/mid/high, what are they referring to? Price range or quality? If there's a definitive price range for each level, can someone please tell me what they are? Thanks loads, I'm compiling information in another forum for people to refer to.
  21. K.I. Unlimited

    Graham Slee Voyager

    Hello all, I've heard this amp at a shop and even though I've had only a little time with it, the sound produced was mind-blowing. Now I'm just saving up for it and a nice ALO LOD to compliment it(but that's another story), could the more experienced head-fiers around tell me more about the...
  22. K.I. Unlimited

    Are ES7's/ESW9's...

    Supra-aural or circumaural? During my browsing of ES7 & ESW9 threads I've seen people say it's supra-aural at one time, circumaural at another. And going by information I've read from places like Portable headphone roundup: Page 3 Shouldn't the two headphones be strictly speaking...
  23. K.I. Unlimited

    "Closed phone honk"

    Sorry but I just wanna ask, what's this phrase all about? I've been seeing the phrase used in places like iLounge and blogs, but no places ever really explain the phenomenon in detail. Need a little help, thanks.