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  1. ubs28

    Your weirdest Portable headphone

    After having a few near accidents with my Bose QC 35 II, I decided to use an open headphone for outside use. That is how I end up using the Focal Clear for portable use. I'm just too scared that something happens with the Utopia. Quite suprisingly, the Focal Clear doesn't leak that much if the...
  2. ubs28

    Open headphones for portable use

    Anyone using open headphones for portable use? I personally find closed headphones like the Bose QC35 II too dangerous outside to be honest. For a plane it is nice ofcourse.
  3. ubs28

    Bluetooth sound quality

    My iPhone X and iPad Pro 12.9 sound the same with Wireless headphones. But my older iPhone 6S plus sound significantly worse. How is this possible? :p Is it maybe due to bad isolation of the electronics which bleeds into the signal perhaps?
  4. ubs28

    ANC headphones worth it?

    Since I fly every week, I'm considering buying ANC headphones. I listened to some before in the past, but I was never allowed to test them out in a plane. So how good are ANC headphones for use in an airplane? ( I see alot of people using Bose headphone so they must be doing something right I...
  5. ubs28

    Neutral RCA cables

    I have an expensive cable on loan. But that cable adds too much colour. But I do like the wide soundstage and details that the expensive cable brings.    What is a good neutral RCA cable? (no colour must be added). 
  6. ubs28

    Headphone for bad music

    The HD800 doesn't play so nicely with badly recorded music like Metal. What would be a good alternative headphone? The HD650 or the HD600?
  7. ubs28

    [Poll] Shure SE846: Which filter do you currently use?

    I'm curious what the distribution looks like regarding the filters being used with the Shure SE846, hence this poll. Multiple answers can be selected if you tend to swap periodically between filters.
  8. ubs28

    Audiophiles are bassheads in some degree?

    There are posts about the brightness of the HD800 and some even buy expensive gear to reduce the brightness. Yet there is almost no complaints about the mid-bass bump. I think there is nobody that buys expensive gear to reduce the mid-bass of the HD800. So would that mean that audiophiles are...
  9. ubs28

    IEM vs Full-sized headphone graphs

    Red = Denon AH-D7100 Blue = Shure SE846   Based on these graph it would appear the Shure SE846 with the blue filter has a similar sound signature with respect to the full-sized Denon headphone with the Denon sounding more neutral. Based on my ears, it's actually quite the oppositie, the Shure...
  10. ubs28

    Buy Sennheiser HD800 or wait for new model?

    Would be wise to buy the Sennheiser HD800 given that's very old. Sennheiser is probably working on a new flagship headphone during the last few years which might come out soon?
  11. ubs28

    AKG K812 or HD800?

    I'm looking to buy the HD800 or the AKG K812 next week probably.    AKG K812: - has higher %TDH than some $200 headphones - has treble issues which mid-fi headphones don't even have + works with my current DAC + AMP according to the thread in summit-fi HD800: - amplifier requirements...
  12. ubs28

    AK240 vs iPhone 5S

    How much better does the AK240 sound relative to the iPhone 5S?   I'm currently using the iPhone 5S with the Shure SE846. If there is a big enough difference in sound quality, I might consider buying the AK240. 
  13. ubs28

    Shure SE846 as end game "headphone"?

    How are the Shure SE846 as an end-game audio device? Or do I need an AKG K812, LCD-3 or HD-800?
  14. ubs28

    Shure SE 846 vs closed headphones

    According to some posts, the B&W p7 sounds better than the Shure SE 535? So how well does the Shure SE846 do against closed headphone that are considered portable such as the B&W P7?
  15. ubs28

    Apogee DAC

    How do the Apogee sound cards such as the Duet and One sound like in comparison to dedicated DAC's? I got an Apogee One (iOS version) and it sounds impressive according to my ears.
  16. ubs28

    Closed headphones dynamic drivers

    One of the biggest disadvantage of BA drivers vs Dynamic drivers is that Dynamic drivers require an air vent in order to sound good. Doesn't this make closed headphones with a dynamic driver perform poorly in comparison to open headphones and headphones with BA drivers? (to me it makes no sense...
  17. ubs28

    Question about tips and earhole damage

    I'm currently using the Shure SE535 with the black Olive tip. The medium black olive tip now fits my ear perfectly while it was a little too big at first.    Can tips make your earholes bigger?  
  18. ubs28

    Are silicone tips dangerous?

    The silicone tips sounds best with the Shure SE535, but I'm worried about popping my ear when removing them due to having an air tight seal.    The foam tips sounds too "dark" or "muffled" in my opinion, but that's what I always uses due to worries about popping my ears with the silicone tips.
  19. ubs28

    There is no such thing as the best headphones?

    After listening to various headphones, it seems that the headphones that sound the best with bad recordings are the ones that aren't necessary rated among the top headphones or speakers. If the recording is good, then the great headphones do sound really great.    So to me it seems that there...
  20. ubs28

    Biggest improvement in sound?

    1)  Shure SRH 1840 --> AKG K812 2)  Shure SE535 --> Shure SE846   Which of these 2 upgrades would provide the biggest upgrade in sound quality, option 1 or 2?   Upgrading both is quite costly as I can't justify spending 2500 Euro on a bunch of headphones and IEM.
  21. ubs28

    Best IEM or headphone for iPhone 5s

    I can't use my Shure SE535 with my iPhone 5S due to the Apple leather case. My B&W P5 connector is small enough for the Apple leather case however so I'm currently using that. What's the best IEM or headphone that can be used with a case on an iPhone 5S? Or should I just go naked with my...
  22. ubs28

    How much difference is there between $500 headphones and $2000 headphones.

    In the $500-$700 bracket we have the: - Shure SRH 1840 - HE-500 - Sennheiser 6xx series   How much worse do these headphone sound in comparison to headphones in the $2000 range like the: - Sennheiser HD-800 - LCD-3 - AKG K812   Without taking into account the costs of the amplifiers...
  23. ubs28

    iPhone 5S case + non-Apple IEM

    The holes of the standard Apple leather cases are too small for my Shure SE535. So I can only use my Shure SE535 naked with the iPhone 5S.   Has anyone found a solution with their IEM + iPhone 5S + case?
  24. ubs28

    What headphone is best for watching movies?

    It must be: - easy to drive (so no Sennheiser HD800) - comfortable - good build quality - great soundstage - great imaging - not fatiguing. 
  25. ubs28

    BA headphones

    Considering that BA IEM are beating Dynamic IEM, which BA headphones are out there that are good? And how good are they in comparison to planar and electrostatic?    The Shure SE535 beats a top of the line Sennheiser HD800 in terms of square wave tests and %THD measurements, so the BA...