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  1. Jack Western

    AKG K240 "Sextett" EP studio monitors

    Hello all, Moving on my early production AKG K240 monitors as part of a headphone pruning session. Decent condition and full working order. The only thing that'll need replacing are the little plastic covers on the left/right sliding headband. Open to offers. Free recorded delivery via Royal...
  2. Jack Western

    Budget headphone+speaker amp

    I've found that quite often older hi fi amps actually have a pretty reasonable headphone circuit. My old Rotel RA-611 (1970's) actually has a pretty crisp headphone output, for example. Hunt around for something second hand obviously. Try places like and Cash Converters.
  3. Jack Western

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Martyn Joseph - Run To Cover (album, 2004).
  4. Jack Western

    You know you're an audiophile when...

    Quote: Seconded that. I'm actually quite tempted to look at the Aviators further now.
  5. Jack Western

    Review by 'Jack Western' on item 'Aircoustic by Vivanco - beech wood ear speakers'

    So, my local hi fi store (Richer Sounds) appears to have a deal on these little gems as they currently retail for £10 in comparison to their normal £50. So, me being me, I picked up a pair to see what they were like. Oh my, actually, their quite good! Now that they've had music played through...
  6. Aircoustic by Vivanco - beech wood ear speakers

    Aircoustic by Vivanco - beech wood ear speakers

    A new IEM from Aircoustic by Vivanco. They are called beech wood ear speakers. As the name says they are made from beech wood. According to Aircoustic they are earphones that are (and have) "hand crafted, mellow bass, pure high notes" as described on the front of the box. With a frequency...
  7. Jack Western

    CanJam @ RMAF 2011: Show Highlights (part 2 of 2) - Head-Fi TV, Episode 015

    I honestly cannot wait to see what Shure has pulled out of the bag with the SRH1840s. Definitely something to look forward to when they are released :D
  8. Jack Western

    Hornyphon (Philips) SA5427 e.g Philips 22RH427s

    Has anyone heard of the Hornyphon SA5427. They were made in 1975-78 period in Austria, and that's about all I know about them. I also know that Philips bought Hornyphon at some point, but I don't know when. I was just wondering if anyone knew about any reputation they had?  They are also...
  9. Jack Western

    CES Days 2 and 3: Skullcandy. That's right...Skullcandy.

    Now if Beats could do the same thing.... then it will get interesting xD
  10. Jack Western

    Any thoughts on the Pro-Ject Genie 3?

    I'm tempted due its great reputation as being a budget turntable, and I love the radical design too! Anyone have any thoughts on this little fella?  
  11. Jack Western

    Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

    Quote: This was my first TT! Got a bit disappointed by the output though, but that was with the stock cartridge and stylus though (P30).  
  12. Jack Western

    Post A Photograph Of Your Turntable

      Can anyone remember the Pioneer PL-430. Budget at the time. Still is now, but I got lucky and picked one up for £26 off ebay. Promptly put an Ortofon OM PRO S cartridge and stylus on and now it ain't half bad!
  13. Jack Western

    Calling All Btech BT928 Owners (or others with amp experience)

    How odd. I've had really positive results with this little thing, considering its price. I doubt you can find something which is that punchy for around £30 (which I got it for). I needed something super basic and cheap to drive my AKGs and settled on this for the time being. My goodness. It...
  14. Jack Western

    A similar component CD player to the Technics SL-P777.

    Ok, so my poor SL-P777 is giving up the ghost, which I'm heartbroken about. Something to do with it's motor, which is brushless and  apparently near impossible to fix...  So.... I need a new CD deck for my hi-fi. Something of a similar age or sound signature, as I do love this CD deck (ok...
  15. Jack Western

    Review by 'Jack Western' on item 'Goldring NS-1000 Active Noise Reduction Headphones'

    So I was lucky enough to get these very cheap from They seem to be on there a lot of the time at around the £55 mark, compared to their RRP of £160, this is a real steal personally. I think that is something like around $85-90? Again, compared to what is probably a couple of hundred...
  16. Jack Western

    Powering AKG K701 from a ROTEL RA-611

    Hi all, I've acquired some AKG K701s off a friend, and currently I'm running them off my Rotel RA-611 and I'm not going to lie, they do sound fantastic. However, I can't find out at all what the specs are for the output on the Rotel out of the headphone port. I just want to do a check to make...
  17. Jack Western

    Replacement cable for Goldring NS-1000s.

    Seriously, these things don't seem to exist. I broke mine, but luckily found a 1.5m 3.5mm cable which fits, but albeit with slightly reduced sound quality. Besides, I want my Goldrings to look tidy again and get hold of the right cable but I can't find one anywhere. Any ideas?
  18. Jack Western

    Needing a new portable source.

    iPods here are still quite expensive but are quite a common pest, while Creative Zens are becoming rarer than chicken teeth or unicorn poop but is most definitely the cheapest and most efficient option personally. Still tempted to cough up the cash for the iPod rig though...
  19. Jack Western

    Needing a new portable source.

    I would be buying used haha. Need to have a vaguely recent iPod as the batteries deteriorate horrifically quickly after a few years, unlike the Zen ones... yes, it is an odd qualm but as both my brothers have had that problem, I can see it happening to me too haha.
  20. Jack Western

    Needing a new portable source.

    I've hit the point where I need to change my portable source music player wise due to a combination of running out of space/mp3 player more or less dying full stop. Sooo, I'm stuck trying to decided whether to go for an older Creative Zen Vision:M 60gb stand alone as my 30gb one could drive my...
  21. Jack Western

    Reply to review by 'jack western' on item 'Goldring DR150 High Fidelity Stereo Headphones'

    Ah I'm glad there are some more opinions on these. I've got the NS-1000s, the noise cancelling model. They sound wonderful and I was thinking about getting myself a pair of DR150s as my sit ins to live with my stereo all the time :P
  22. Jack Western

    Choosing a pair of new cans (yep, another of those threads).

    That's why I would go for the Grados, they are rock solid, tonnes of mods available, they aren't bank breaking and I would still be able to use them for listening to a wide variety of music, which would be great. I still need to hunt around more though... just too many headphones to choose from...
  23. Jack Western

    An Absolutely Amazing Headphone Album! - Head-Fi TV, Episode 006

    Yup, I had to physically move my head to see where the sound was coming from, and this was without a headphone amp! I can't wait to try it with my headphone amp on as well!
  24. Jack Western

    A pair of reasonable budget headphones for the beginner audiophile.

    I'm hardly going cheap haha. I'm not even the one buying the Zen anyway. It MIGHT be her parents. I'm getting her a Pandora bracelet anyway... But the information is not in my post. She only likes mine because they're mine... savvy? I know what I like, but she doesn't know what she wants yet...
  25. Jack Western

    A pair of reasonable budget headphones for the beginner audiophile.

    Yeah true, other than one is on ear and the other is around ear. But, they are both down as closed back headphones, which will mean at least some isolation and less leakage than open backs, obviously...