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  1. Mingneh

    Online store to buy um3x RC?

    Dear head-fiers.   I do realize that this might not be the best place for this post to be but i can't seem to find a better place than here(since everyone talks about their iem here). I'm actually looking for some suggestions for online headphone stores.   I clearly recall one that has a...
  2. Mingneh

    Got an IE8 from cousin. Cable doesnt seem to unplug. Fake?

    Happy new year head-fi! I recently received a pair of Sennheiser IE8 from my cousin that went to the states (Some 3 weeks ago). All was well with the sound and build quality until recently when i attempted to remove the wire from the driver it simply won't buldge. I then found out from my...
  3. Mingneh

    Acquiring quality mp3 files?

    Dear all,   After joining the forum(awesome one!), i realized the listening quality of music isn't based solely on equipment but the files(mp3) itself too. It is to my knowledge that downloading files off the web might not gurantee the highest quality, even if they are the 'biggest' file...
  4. Mingneh

    Sennheiser ie8/ie7 or Klipsch image S4

    Hi fellows!   I am *finally* upgrading from my Sennheiser cx300ii. Now i know they are a pair of fairly cheap ear-buds, but it is probably my best choice ever made since i've decided to upgrade from my ibud. That said, i've said up enough to further upgrade my ear-buds. I'm currently looking...