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  1. spaceman

    Schiit Audio Asgard 1st Gen

    Excellent condition. Less than 50 hours. Includes power cord. I do not have the original box for this. Purchased new September 2012. $125.00 shipped to CONUS.
  2. spaceman

    Schiit Audio Bifrost 1st Gen - Gen 2 USB

    Excellent condition. Purchased new June 2013. Less than 50 hours. I just don't listen with headphones like i used to. Includes original box and power cord. $275.00 shipped to CONUS.   - USB Input With Gen 2 USB Input - Analog Stage Standard - Voltage 115V - Plug Type USA Plug
  3. spaceman

    Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones

    Gently used pair of Beyerdynamic DT 880 Premium 600 OHM Headphones. Less than 30 hours. Non-smoker/Non-smoking home. Includes case. $225.00 shipped to CONUS only. PayPal only.
  4. spaceman

    FS: Headstage Arrow

    Excellent condition. Only used a few times. Just not into portable audio. PayPal.
  5. spaceman

    Headroom Micro Amp

    Great condition, just not listening to headphones much these days. Will ship via USPS Priority to lower 48. Paypal only.    
  6. spaceman

    Wadia 170iTransport

    Excellent condition. No blemishes. Been sitting on my desk pretty much unused for the past year and needs to go. Includes manual and power cord. $150 OBRO. PayPal preferred.
  7. spaceman

    FS: Headroom Micro Amp

    Very good condition. No scratches and well-maintained. This is one of the older Micro Amps that runs off of both 9V and AC (built on 11/05). Includes the AC power supply. $95.00 shipped conus.
  8. spaceman

    Help! REM Cover

    I heard REM/Michael Stipe on the radio tonight (first time I've heard it, so maybe new???) do a cover of a song I believe from the 70s or 80s and recognized it immediately but have no clue who did it......any ideas? Its driving me nuts!
  9. spaceman

    Recommendations for closed cans <$150

    Music preferences are progressive rock, triphop, a lot of female vocals like Lucinda Williams, Amy MacDonald, KT Tunstall. Must be closed cans for bedside rig. Been looking at the Denon AH-D1001K and Audio Technica M-50. Would these do the job? Any other Suggestions?
  10. spaceman

    Headphones for Headroom Micro DAC/Amp

    Looking for recommendations for both closed and open/semi-open cans for the Micro DAC/amp. I have IEMs, so not interested in those. Listen to a lot of downtempo/triphop, Pink Floyd, Dido, Lucinda Williams, Beck, Airbag, Foo Fighters. No metal or rap. Thanks
  11. spaceman

    iPod and iTunes Question

    I currently have a 5G 30Gb iPod and will be purchasing a new Classic. I want to utilize both devices on the same account. Is this possible? Can I just synch my current libraries onto the new device? Thanks
  12. spaceman

    Been away For A While and Looking for Suggestions....

    Looking for a bedside set up to go my nightstand and to use with my 30g Ipod. Currently using a HeadRoom Micro amp with AKG K81s. Looking to utilize my iPod with a DAC via Wadia iTransport. 1. Looking for DAC (leaning toward Headroom Micro DAC of Cambridge Audio Magic DAC). 2. Must be...
  13. spaceman

    Switching from CRT to LCD.....Suggestions???

    Looking to replace my 19" ViewSonic G71f+ CRT for a LCD. I don't do any gaming. Most of the time is spent on internet, spreadsheets, and digital photography. Would like to keep it around $300. Suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  14. spaceman

    FS: Headroom Total AirHead

    Very low hours. Used at home, not part of a portable rig, so no scratches/dings. In excellent condition and working order. Includes original box. $65 shipped CONUS.
  15. spaceman

    FS: Meier Headfive

    Used, low hours, but in excellent condition. I am the second owner, and purchased from Hi-Finthen here on Head-Fi. Will ship in original box, and include power cord. Ship CONUS/USPS Priority. I have plenty of feedback here. SOLD shipped.
  16. spaceman

    Where can I get an iPod dock with.........

    a constant line out (not variable) and charging capabilities? I'm not concerned with synching. This will be used on the nightstand going to my H5, so RCA would be nice as well. Thanks.
  17. spaceman

    Ok, another "small footprint" CDP Thread

    Sorry, but I need one and can't find one!!!! I'm looking for a dedicated CDP for my bedroom listening area. I'll be using the H5 amp, and possibly a millett hybrid with some AKGs, and a few Senns. Would like to keep it around 12x12, give or take an inch or two. Send me on my mission!
  18. spaceman

    4 Nights in Montreal - What to do?

    Any suggestions? I'll be there on business, but with some generous extra time. Wife will be with me. Anyone know of any decent single malt bars? We're staying at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. I'm thinking the jet boat ride on the Lachine rapids if I can talk the wife into it, maybe an afternoon in...
  19. spaceman

    WTB: Meier Headfive

    Please drop me a PM if your looking to sell. Must be in pristine condition. Thanks
  20. spaceman

    Question....Total Airhead + iPod 5.5

    What are all of you using for a line out dock? I'm looking at the ALO Bling dock.
  21. spaceman

    WTB: ipod dock to 90 deg angle mini

    Any suggestions/offers will be entertained
  22. spaceman


    Sold GeekMoses my Corda Headfive amp and received very prompt payment. Communication was great. A real pleasure to deal with. Highly recommend for future transactions here at HeadFi.
  23. spaceman

    FS: Corda Head Five

    #105 (I'm original owner) in pristine condition. Only 10-15 hours of play time. Includes all original packaging and power cord. $230 shipped; U.S. only. Paypal or money order. Serious inquiries only please. You can see my feedback here, and under nurseman121 at eBay.
  24. spaceman

    Newb searching for MP3 player

    Looking for something small and portable, less than $200. I don't need video, games, FM, etc... just music, and I really don't need a lot of storage, maybe 200-300 songs. I also need a site with FAQs, etc on how to properly rip my CDs (correct formats). Been looking at the iPod Nano 4GB, any...
  25. spaceman

    Question for all you college TI Calculator users.......

    My son needs a graphing calculator for his Pre-Cal class. He's a senior and will also be taking honors geometry and a calculus seminar this year. His pre cal teacher recommends the TI-83 Plus. However, he will be going to college next year and majoring in either architecture or civil...