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  1. EvilGnome6

    Nano 5G not working with line out cable

    I did some searching around but couldn't find an answer to this one. My wife just picked up a Nano 5G but when we try to hook it up to our car stereos using a dock to mini cable, the sound just comes out of the iPod's internal speaker rather than going through the line out. Is the pinout...
  2. EvilGnome6

    Sennheiser HD 580 Cable is TOO LONG!

    I just got a Sennheiser HD 580 last night and I'm loving it. Only problem is that cable is just too freakin' long. What have other Head-Fiers done to solve this problem?
  3. EvilGnome6

    Under Consideration: Beyer DT770 and HeadRoom Micro

    I currently have a HeadRoom TotalAirHead (old version) driving the Beyer DT250-80. I'm quite pleased with the sound but I'm looking for something with a little more bass and better overall quality. After much research, I think I've settled on the Beyer DT770 and the HeadRoom Micro but I...