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  1. Triangle3

    iBasso P4, D6, D12?

    Well, I'm really trying to decide between the P4 and the D6 or D12, but then I'm trying to decide between the D6 and D12.  I just need help. lol Any input is appreciated. I don't REALLY need a DAC, but it would be nice. I like the amping ability of the P4, but I kinda want a DAC also.  Not...
  2. Triangle3

    Different earpads for ATH-M40fs?

    Hey all,   I'm wondering if there are any different ear pads that'll fit on the ATH-m40fs's that I have had sitting around for a few years. They're all falling apart and before just getting replacements, I want to know if any more comfortable ear pads out there will fit.   Are the M50...
  3. Triangle3

    Looking for a new headphone other than my HD598

    `ello...     I currently have my HD598's which I absolutely LOVE.   I'm looking for another headphone with mostly the same type of characteristics of the 598's. I don't care for analytical or airy sounding headphones. I like them to be more 'musical'.   I'm open to all...
  4. Triangle3

    1/4" iPod LOD...?

    'ello...   Anyone know where to get one? If there is one...  I sure can't seem to find one. Not really wanting to use a adapter....       Thanks.
  5. Triangle3

    E11 or another E17?

    Hi all,   I am a long time forum browser, but never got to making an acct... lol   I've had this question in my head for a few weeks...   I have a E17 ATM using the amp for my iPod or the amp and dac with my pc. I was thinking about just leaving the E17 at home for that type of use...