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  1. yipcanjo

    FS / FT: AKG K141 Studio headphones

    Selling a pair of the AKG K141 Studio headphones.  Great condition.    BRAND NEW ear pads (leatherette) Made in Austria Removeable straight cable Gold-plated stereo mini-jack Semi-open, supraaural design Single-owner, purchased in 2006, cost around $150 new Used primarily for studio...
  2. yipcanjo

    WTT: my VSonic GR07 for your JVC HA-FXT90

    Looking for a nice trade with someone.      I have a pair of the awesome VSonic GR07 IEMs (+ box, tips, etc.) all in great physical/functional condition.  Just about two months old.  Well taken care of, adult-owned, etc.. Would like to receive the JVC HA-FXT90, also in great...
  3. yipcanjo

    Anyone have the Etymotic Custom Fit + HF5 / ER4 *and* own the Klipsch X10 ???

    I'm trying to figure out if the Etymotic Custom Fit for the HF5 (or ER4) could possibly also fit on the Klipsch X10.    Anyone happen to know, or could test it out for me?
  4. yipcanjo

    [CLOSED] WTT: Etymotic HF5 for ???

    I have a pair of Etymotic HF5's that are in great condition -- I'm just looking to move on and try something else.  I have the HF5's, of course, the original box, pouch, spare filters + tool, and a few eartips.  Otherwise, most of the included eartips from the original package have since been...
  5. yipcanjo

    Thoughts on the "Custom Fit" earmolds for the Etymotic HF5

    Looking for some advice from those who've used the Etymotic HF5 with custom earmolds -- specifically the "Custom Fits" from ACS that they offer, if possible.   Anyhow... I'm really fairly satisfied with the HF5 sound, but I've been less happy with the various sleeves I've tried.  Because the...
  6. yipcanjo

    FS: SoundMagic PL-50 (PL50) IEMs

    For Sale: One pair of the SoundMagic PL-50 IEMs.   SoundMagic PL-50 in-ear monitors Used, but *very good* cosmetically and *perfect* sonically Comes with original box + ear tips + cord guides Original owner $45 + free shipping (to continental U.S.)   Please PM me if interested.  
  7. yipcanjo

    MY TAKE: ViSang R03

    So, I've been very fortunate to be able to borrow a pair of the ViSang R03 IEMs for the past couple of weeks. What has transpired during that time is probably best described as a love/hate relationship with these earphones, finalizing in a "like very, very much" result. Basically, I find myself...
  8. yipcanjo

    MY TAKE: Soundmagic PL-50 vs Cyclone PR1-Pro vs Maximo iM-590

    Price Soundmagic PL-50: $49 (shipped from Hong Kong) Cyclone PR1-Pro: $59 (on Ebay) Maximo iM-590: $40 Advantage: With a $10 spread between these three IEMs (not including shipping, where applicable), it's pretty much a toss-up. From this standpoint, these are comparable devices...
  9. yipcanjo

    DEAL: SuperFi 4 for $49.99 + free shipping

    Just getting this out there: Logitech (direct) is offering the UE SuperFi 4 IEMs for $49.99 + free shipping. Use code superfi4_31910 which likely expires today. Click here for the deal. Hope that rocks someone's world here! Yip
  10. yipcanjo

    WTT: My Klipsch Gels (S) for your Klipsch Gels (M)

    I ended up with two pairs of the wonderful Klipsch Gel ear tips, but in the wrong size for my ears. I have the "small" size Klipsch Gels that I would like to trade for "medium". Simply a swap across. Would even consider trading my two pairs in "small" for a single pair of "medium". Could also...
  11. yipcanjo

    Oh, It burns, IT BURNS!!! (Shure Olives)

    Like most head-fiers, I'm always on the prowl to find the best ear tips for <insert your situation here>. Comfort, sound quality, isolation, etc.. With my Ety HF5s, I'm currently liking the Ety small tri-flange tips *and* the small Shure Olives. The Ety tips are more comfortable to me (and...
  12. yipcanjo

    SOLD: Panasonic RP-HJE900 Zirconia IEMs, like new

    Purchased the Panasonic RP-HJE900 from last week. Wonderful, warm IEMs, but not what I need right now. These suckers are built like a tank, and sound very, very good. They retail for $249, and are hard to find for less than $199 in the U.S. Will sell this pair for $110 shipped, which...
  13. yipcanjo

    MY TAKE: Klipsch S4 vs Etymotic HF5

    (Updated: Jan 4, 2010) So, several weeks ago I started looking into IEMs for a couple of different reasons. 1) I need to replace my aging (and lame-ish) Zune Premium headphones, 2) I needed a better IEM for all-around listening, and 3) I needed an IEM that I could use as an on-stage monitor...
  14. yipcanjo

    AKG 141 K -- one side not working :(

    I've got a pair of AKG 141 K cans that I bought about 4 years ago. Good headphones, haven't used 'em much, and they're still in *very* good condition. Well. Kinda. A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that the non-cabled side wasn't working. I've unplugged, replugged, and even replaced the...
  15. yipcanjo

    Good IEMs for on-stage / live use

    I found another thread with a similar request, but there was no final resolution from the author, so I'm posting my own. Here goes... I'm trying to decide on some good IEMs for myself (and to recommend to others) for use on-stage / live use. Basically, we're going to ditch our monitor wedges...