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  1. JBThazard

    Question about DAC Filters with Cowon Plenue D2

    I recently just got a Plenue D2 and while I really like it, I have a question about the DAC filters setting. What do these do, exactly? Because I was expecting it to have as noticeable a change on the sound as the EQ but I can't really notice any difference. There are 5 settings: Fast / Low...
  2. JBThazard

    Sparkos labs Discrete Op-amps causing squeaky-static noise in headphone amp

    To cut to the chase, I use the Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1 Plus Headphone Amp + DAC and just today got three of Sparkos Lab's Discrete SS3602 op-amps, but there's a problem. One of my three opamp slots is causing an issue. If I plug in one of the discrete op-amps into this slot, there is a...
  3. JBThazard

    Need replacement cables for Monolith M1060

    Long story short, I've owned these headphones for half a year and the stock cables are terrible. I have the revision 2 M1060s and they have dual 2.5mm that plug into the cans, and a 3.5mm for headphone amps, etc. So what are good but not expensive replacement cables?
  4. JBThazard

    Need Help with scratchy volume knob on headphone amp

    I have the Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1+ and for a while now the volume knob creates a crackling or scratching noise when I turn it. I tried a lot of different advice, like turning the knob with the amp off or opening up the case and dusting it out, but none of it has worked. I think the...
  5. JBThazard

    New Amp w/ Hd650s: USB into laptop, or line-in into Cowon?

    Title says it all but let me clarify a bit:   I just got my first ever heavy duty audiophile stuff: the HD650's and a Maverick audio TubeMagic D1. I'm not entirely sure precisely how this works compared to my previous, more portable setup (HD598s and DT 1350s through PA2V2 amp).   Basically...
  6. JBThazard

    Cowon X9 or Plenue 1?

    My Cowon J3 is on its last legs. I've had it for 4 years and it was marvelous but the audio jack is failing and I am gonna need a replacement over the next couple of months.     I'm considering the X9 because I can find it for less than $300 and with basically identical audio quality to the...
  7. JBThazard

    Cowon J3 has faulty jack: needs repairs

    So here's my problem: I've had a Cowon J3 for maybe 4-5 years now and used it exclusively with my HD598s. Problem is, the 598's have a long jack that has bent around inside of the J3's hole and has gradually shifted the inner seals, at least that's what I think they're called. Audio would often...
  8. JBThazard

    "DDD" for modern vinyl pressings?

    I have an issue I hope someone can clear up with me fairly simply. Is there any point in buying modern day, 21st century pressings of any modern records? Here is my current stance on this topic: Music CDs used to have a set of acronyms that would display how the album was recorded, mixed and...
  9. JBThazard

    Bit Rate Calculations

    I got curious a few weeks ago, and decided to do some math. I started learning about 96/192khz recordings and the differences between CD and SACD, or more specifically, PCM and DSD. It should be known that I am by no means an expert or professional, and only have a slightly better than...
  10. JBThazard

    Cowon J3 vs. Ipod Classic 160gb (sound quality)

    I know people are going to say "search the forums" for a lot of my questions, but that hasn't answered or helped much.   I used to own an Ipod 160 classic and used my PA2V2 with LOD for portable usage (my headphones are HD 598s, in case anyone asks). The Ipod broke, after only 3 months, so I...
  11. JBThazard

    Rx Mk2 amp or XM6 amp?

    So I've recently finished all of the Head fi TV episodes and I am planning on getting a portable DAC (most likely Algorhythm) and upgrading my portable amp. I currently use a PA2V2 along with Sennheiser HD 598s, my source is a 160gb classic Ipod.   Judging from Jude's reviews, I think the...
  12. JBThazard

    HD25-1 ii OR HD 598?

    So I'll be buying a new pair of cans very soon and for me, portability (along with durability and comfort) and audiophile sound quality are the most important aspects for me. I've decided I'd like to buy both the HD25-1 for outside use, since I commute often, and also the HD598 for their sound...
  13. JBThazard

    Best sounding portable closed back cans?

    Unfortunately for you guys, I have somewhat specific demands, and I apologize for this.   I use a 160gb Ipod and the Electric Avenues PA2V2 amp (the guy who makes these lives in the same city as myself!) and I listen to music outside very often, and always as I'm commuting to university...
  14. JBThazard

    Need recommendations for portable over-ear cans for lossless audio

    I use a 160gb ipod and I've recently been re-ripping my CD library into Apple Lossless and downloading many of my favorite albums into FLAC, and then convert to ALAC. I use these headphones...