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  1. mainaman

    Breeze Audio DU-U8 XMOS USB to SPDIF converter with Talema transformer and TCXOs

    As new and the hype(better than Melodious MX-U8 and Gustard U12)from the headfi and computer audiophile forums is absolutely deserved.It has been indispensable in ameliorating dryness and harshness from my non-audiophile music server and it was a clear upgrade from the USB inputs of my NAD...
  2. mainaman

    B.M.C. Audio PureUSB Active USB cable 5m

    1st owner,less than one year old,immaculate condition,original packaging.Filters,reclocks and the length provides tremendous flexibility without loss of fidelity.Sellling due to investment in vinyl playback.   ''While audiophile USB cables generally try to limit transmission losses and noise...