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    Audeze LCD-24 Headphones, New

    Hi all, Here is a brand new sealed LCD-24 with original receipt, full warranty. I’m sadly letting this amazing Headphones go as I found no time to spend time wirh my gears lately. PayPal is 3% extra unless FF Shipping: $38
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    Hifiman Ananda BNIB

    Hi all , For sale here is a brand new HIFIMAN ANANDA Headphones. Never been opened, orignal receipt for warranty Will be emailed to you. Thanks
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    Audeze LCD4Z Headphones, Brand new.

    Hello guys, Decided to sell this brand new “NEVER USED” pair of world famous Audeze 4Z Headphones. Didn’t get a chance to enjoy it, yet! My loss is your gain.
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    INNUOS ZENmini Mk3 2TB NIB

    Hello all, Here is the BRAND NEW Innuos ZENmini Mk3 2TB in Black. Bought it but decided to go for the kill, Innuos Zenith MK3 so this Mini hasn’t been opened. Retail $1,400. Shipping is $50 Please add 3% for PayPal unless friends and family.
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    AUDEZE LCD MX4 Headphones

    I just got a brand new MX4 it’s a birthday present from wife, but I already have LCD4 so I’ll let this one go. Never used, only opened the box to take pictures for this listing. Original receipt with full warranty is available to the next owner. Shipping is only $35 and different...
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    Final Audio D8000 Headphones

    This pair of headphones is still brand new, never been taken out of the sealed box. I am downsizing my collection. So my loss is your gain. PayPal accepted. Shipping is only $35
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    Sennheiser HDVD 800 Headphone Amplifier with DAC

    This is a like new HDVD 800, all original accessories and box. No trade at this time. Thanks
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    HIFIMAN Shangri-LA Jr.

    I have for sale a PERFECT condition LA Jr, finally I powered it up for a couple hours last night, unbelievable sounding combo, an 'end game' headphone system. Original receipt is available. As usual, PayPal has 3% fee.
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    Meze Audio World Class “EMPYREAN “ Headphones

    Hi Everyone I am selling my most sought after Meze EMPYREAN Headphones. Finally received it last week after waiting over 5 months. It’s NEW and I opened box to snap some pictures for the listing. Due to financial reasons sadly I have to let my new and old headphones collection go. Hope someday...
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    Which Chord RCA cables would fit Hugo2?

    Hello all, Anyone knows which Chord RCA fits the small RCA output? Was looking at Chord Signature RCA. I only knew Audioquest fits so far. Thanks
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    Hifiman Shangri LA Jr.

    You’re looking at a mint condition two hours out of the box, Hifiman Shangri LA Jr. This is as good as it gets for headphone set up. PayPal please add extra 3%.
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    FOCAL ELEAR Headphones

    I have a good condition pair of ELEAR, hardly ever used them. All box and original accessories included.
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    Metrum Acoustics Hex NOS Differential DAC

    Here is a ver good condition Metrum Acoustics HEX with all the AES/EBU and USB input option. Retail $3,590 Asking only $1,799 Shipping $70 PayPal is 3% unless as friend. Thanks
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    Senheiser HD800 Headphones, excellent condition

    This is a MINT pair of Senheiser HD800 Headphones, all original box and accessories. Asking: $799 Shipping: $35 NOTE: also available CH 800 S XLR cable for $190 and optimally matched to HDVD 800 ( also for sale). Thanks