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  1. MacT

    Denon D2000 + Jena Ultra Wire with Furutech

    The phones ship from Poland, Jena was braided and soldered by myself. I have a lot of experience in DIY and 'am sure of my work. If You want me to open the cans I can do some photos (but I really do not want to open them if unnecessary). I can tell You that it is clean and professionally done...
  2. MacT

    Denon D2000 + Jena Ultra Wire with Furutech

    These have about two months now. I need money so I am selling them. What I found after recabling is that there is just "more" music in music. It is much fuller now. I can't say that bass is more tight, just do not remember the old one good enough to say so. But highes are definitely much more...
  3. MacT

    Denon D2000 + Jena Ultra Wire with Furutech

    For sale - Denon D2000 headphones professionally recabled with Jena Ultra Wire and Furutech jack (Cardas eutetic solder used). Like new condition, less then two months. Cost is $370. Cost of Jena alone is about $500, so it's really worth considering.
  4. MacT

    Your least favorite songs.

    christmass songs +1
  5. MacT

    Before you were an Audiophile...

    befor then.. i was a happy guy :)
  6. MacT

    Best Video Game Soundtracks

    pacman sountrack :D
  7. MacT

    Who's your least favorite musical artist?

    tokio hotel
  8. MacT

    Hip Hop and the HD650, anyone try it out ?

    maybe they are capable of bass but they're tooo slow for hip hop
  9. MacT

    Best type of solder for audio quality

    olso use cardas solder, never had any problems with it. Totally unaudible
  10. MacT

    What DAC for HD800 for 2000$

    Buy Lampucera DAC. It' the best on planet
  11. MacT

    Guitar-fi anyone?

    do you have experience with schecter 006?I'm thinking of buying it for playing goth rock
  12. MacT


    never buy less then 500cc if you only ride on roads
  13. MacT


    savedbythebell - beautifull bike. Got something similar, just a bit havier and with straight handlebar
  14. MacT

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    don't know why to use anything else then $500 citizen ;)
  15. MacT

    Lossless Files & Hard Drives

    put it on separate ssd. If possible use only ssd. And do not use laptop, music somehow doesn't sound good from them
  16. MacT

    320 kbps Mp3 > Flac???

    Remember that something ripped from cd with glass optics will sound different then ripped from plastic
  17. MacT

    320kbps vs Apple Lossless

    Always use lossless. When You change Your gear You'll regret if not did so
  18. MacT

    Questions about how cables are made and how do different cables sound different?

    for me there are 3 factors: topology, purity of material and isolator
  19. MacT

    Where to buy wood cups!!

    find a woodcrafter not involved in audio - it will be really cheap
  20. MacT

    Winamp or Media Monkey?

    If You just want player, use WMP. It's not the best music organiser, but for me it has best interface of them all