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  1. Rabco

    Use of Sandisk Wireless stick in iOS for music

    I am considering the purchase of a Sandisk Wireless Stick to hold my AIFF music files for my iPhone SE. My 'buds are Shure 425's which IMHO need equalization for playback on the phone to realize their potential. I use the EQ10 app to equalize and control music playback on my phone...
  2. Rabco

    Elekit TU-882R + Great Service=satisfaction

    First the disclaimer: I have no affiliation with Elekit, or Sennheiser, for that matter. This is a tale of a return to headphone use after a several decade absence. I decided to go with an Elekit TU-882R kit. The kit arrived promptly. All parts accounted for, and packed incredibly well. The...
  3. Rabco

    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Nuforce uDAC USB DAC AMP with line out and S/PDIF out

    The heat may be an issue, or perhaps just a symptom. More on that in a second. Background info: I haven't seriously listened to headphones since my college days (yup, in the dark ages). I've decided to get back into them, did my research and bought a nuForce UDAC and some Sennheiser...