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  1. RedzillaR35

    New Member Introductions thread

    Hi, newish here having been away for a few years (15 or so). Used to be into the DIY amp scene before moving into speaker based systems however a Tidal membership has revived my head-fi hunger and back for some exploring. Cheers!
  2. RedzillaR35

    Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

      Toddy, after my G4 went into bootloop and it took a month for them to repair I've been a bit wary of rooting it, though on your recommendation I'll give it a go today and report back. Cheers!
  3. RedzillaR35

    Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

    Hey, my 4in1's have arrived today. I haven't posted here since my days building DIY amps in Altoids tins 15+ years ago but have been following the forums closely for the past few months and decided to jump on the Senfer/Chinese train due to the positive and detailed feedback here. They took 24...